Can I Harvest Same Plant at Different Times??

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by egub147, Jun 24, 2017.

  1. Hi All,

    A quick question on harvest.
    My plant is now closing in on the big day, however i have noticed that some Colas are more mature than the others.
    Some buds are ready to haravest with milky trichs with few amber as well, but some buds are still crystal clear with only few milky.
    My question is, do i harvest some colas first or do i wait for all to be ready? will i cause stress if i cut off the ones which are ready now?

    thanks in advance :)
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  2. If I can add something to the question...Is it possible to do this in order to get 100% of your plants using CFLs. Like for example cut the top buds first then the rest?
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  3. to both members ...knock ya self out

    its called a sequential harvest, like sequential grows or as happens in orchards

    you pick the ripe red apples, then come back in 2 weeks and take them red apples again

    and so forth

    as I often preeeeech! its rare very rare for all trics to ripen to your favorite cola at once

    and imo it should be compulsory method to harvesting

    but often and me too, are in too much of a rush

    good luck
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