Can I harvest now'tonight!?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by toptokker, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. between 7-8 weeks old! i know i forgot to keep tracks but to late now'i am gunna chop off the top one's and let the bottom half grow another 48 hr's(ish)
    :eek: does it look safe?
  2. looks great! I couldn't wait to smoke those things. +REP
  3. hey if you have a seperate drying room chop the first half then wait a week then chop the second half you will have to separate highs from the same plant P.S what starin is that looks like skunk
  4. They are skunk special..
  5. yeah if you leave that second half for a week it will be more skunky coughlock smoke basically one joint will put you to sleep and the earlier you harvest more head high racy thoughts and shit P.S most skunk strains finish in 7-8 weeks
  6. get a 30 x jewelers loupe and watch the trichs and u can harvest them buy watching the cloudy and amber in the trichs. its all your preference pretty much. more amber more couchlock more cloudy more headies!!!! .

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