Can i harvest now?

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  1. This is a bagseed plant so i dont know its exact flowering period, so can someone tell me if its ready or not, thanks. Its going on its 8th week of flowering.

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  2. I harvest when 60% of the hairs turned brown/orange.

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  3. Check out your trichromes through a magnifying glass. Harvest when you see 50-60% amber.

    I'd give your girls another week or two. They do a Lotta fill in out in that time.
  4. Some buds are more orange than others so should i wait for them or can i cut off the top buds and keep growing?
  5. They look good, but I still see a lot of white pistils, not really the best indicator-I'd suggest you get a jewelers loupe or pocket scope to see how the trichomes have developed - if they look clear, give them some time, cloudy with a little Amber is preferred or half Amber half cloudy for some people.
    You can harvest the more developed buds and wait for the rest to mature, it won't be a problem
  6. She's just about ripe.
    I'd wait another 7-10 days though. Let some of those white hairs recede, and the buds will tighten up/be more potent. 

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