Can I harvest my plant in sections?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by AndrewBud, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. I have one almost fully matured plant about a week left.

    Can I take the top few sticks off first and let the rest mature a bit more without stressing the plant to much????

    Thanks for any info

  2. why take the top colas off they will be your best buds. Id just wait a week so it doesnt stress the plant and they pay off will be bigger.
  3. the top ones are done i want the others to get bigger. They are 100% amber color trichomes covered all over and the lower ones are about 75%-80% Amber.

    so should i just harvest the whole thing? whats gonna happen if i harvest the top ones first ? she gonna grow some penises?

  4. Hey AndrewBud -

    I have harvested this way for several years.... I feel that buds on a marijuana plant are like tomatoes on a tomato plant..... They are not going to all be ripe at the exact same time. They will be all ripe within a short time of each other but not at the exact same moment. So pick the buds that look finished to you and let the others go a bit longer. When they look finished pick those.... It is a smart way to harvest any crop! (INCLUDING MARIJUANA!)

    Kisses -

    PS - Just don't get to anxious and harvest anything until it is ripe!
  5. I bought myself a 50X pocket microscope and all the trichomes are amber and she has been flowering for 60+ days now. Indica dominant strain.

    Thanks for the posts.

  6. alright id say chop it down, i prefer 50/50 amber...
  7. Best way to harvest a plant is to individually pick the buds off as they are in their prime.

    The top cola's will ripen before the bottom ones. get a magnify glass and make sure everying is swollen and cloudy white before picking.
  8. Hey Metridixal -
    To each his (or her) own… You know that you like the high from 50/50 amber/cloudy trichomes. Some people prefer the high from most cloudy trichomes while some people like the mostly amber high. But most important to note here is that most people have no idea what they like or even what we are talking about here! (unless they are growers)

    Another example --- Some people like bananas when they are greenish yellow and other folks like bananas when they are full yellow with brown specks and I am sure there are probably some folks who like bananas mostly brown. Knowing what you like and why is the key to getting the bud you want!! There is no right answer for everyone…..

    Kisses -

    PS - Here is a post by NJ Toker187 that makes is very clear of what this all means....
  9. Yeah I just wanted some bud that would knock me out so i wanted it 100% amber. I will get a picture in of what she looks like later today after work.

    Thanks for the replys

  10. of course, this whole 80% , couchlock vs. up all sounds so scientific and so exact but it is all ridiculous because andrew, you are like just about everyone else, except maybe a very seasoned conneissure, you want weed that will f you up and know you out. duh of course!!! what i would like to know is other clues to harvest besides this 80/20 "dogma". you ask a very good question andrew about top etc. if it is safe, what is wrong with waiting another 2 weeks, for maybe 15% more, probably more sticky, what i'm gong to do is start taking it down in stages and one i am going to leave to the very last, for the true taste test, hopefully i will be completely LOCKED TO THE COUCH, of course tha tis what i want, if the weed is strong, i'll just thankfully smoke less.
  11. How much more than 100 % do you want? How much more can you get? Don't forget trichomes will continue to ripen for a week after you harvest. I'd say from the pics you posted last week, you are ready to do it, I know it's hard to say for sure unless you're there. But after they reach amber they will begin breaking down, rather than strengthening in the curing process.

    But yes, I'd advise taking the tops down first, and if you want, let the bottom buds ripen for a few more days, it shouldn't cause too much stress. Happy Harvey!:smoke:
  12. yup i took the two top sticks down almost 400 grams wet! what do you think this will dry out to ?


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