Can I harvest even if the pistils are white?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Snipp, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Hey y'all. My shortest plant is a indica dominant. It's 9.5 weeks flowering, but has probably 95% white hairs. The trichs are mostly cloudy, some amber. The bud looks about as plump as it's gonna get. Should I wait longer for the hairs to turn color, or harvest sooner. thanks
  2. i've heard hairs only turn color when you have something go wrong like ph problems nute problems ect. but i could be wrong....

    if you flush your plant with ph adjusted water and let it ride out the week i'm sure that will push your pistils to orange/red....

    but dont hold me to that because i dont really know i'm just taking a guess from my own personal one grow experience and reading
  3. hairs mean nothing. its all about the trichomes. if they are cloudy and amber, harvest the shit out of your crop.
  4. ^LGM speaks the truth.
  5. Thanks guys. Are there some strains that are similar to this? Meaning that, most of the hairs are white at harvest.

  6. red hairs mean the hairs died off.

    some one correct me if my previous post was wrong.

    but red hairs usually is a sign of maturity as i was told before. and/or signs that you have something going on.

    again this is just something i have over heard. my hairs turned red 4 weeks prior to harvest, i had a hermi that pollinated itself
  7. The trichomes are all that matter, not the color of the hairs. My White Widow still had lots of white on it when it was cut down, but it all turned red/brown once cut. Follow the trichs, that's what will tell you when to go.

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