Can I hang a grow light from popcorn ceiling?

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  1. I am in the middle of my first grow and am running out of vertical room. I just flipped to flowering today and still have time, but I need to get it figured out within the next week or so. I am growing in a closet that has a slanted popcorn ceiling. Right now, the light is hanging from a shelf that runs across the whole closet. My plan is to remove the shelf and hang the light from the higher part of the popcorn ceiling. Below is a picture of the current setup and the second picture is of the slanted popcorn ceiling that I want to hang the light from. Can anyone tell me how to safely hang the light from this ceiling without having to worry about it crashing down on the plants? Should I just get some drywall anchors and large hook screws like I would for a regular ceiling? I could always move them out into the room that the closet is in as it has much higher ceilings, but then I won't have the exhaust fan and intakes that I have in the closet.

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  2. I'd try and find some studs in the ceiling, drywall anchors make me nervous.

    if you can't find studs, and you don't mind ruining your ceiling, you could scrape off the popcorn and glue a 1x8 (or something similar) to the ceiling with some construction adhesive and a few nails. run it all the way across and angle the nails on the edges towards the wall, they should catch some framework. then you could attach whatever you want to the 1x8 with some screws.
  3. Thanks to both of you! I actually already have those hangers, so I'll just need to pull out the stud finder and swing by Lowes to get some of those hanging screws. The last thing I need is for my light so mash my plants into the ground, so I really appreciate the stud suggestion.
  4. Stud finder is a must.
  5. stud finder with deep scan... its usually 30 bucks extra for one of those... so it ends up like 50 bucks... best just to borrow one

  6. No need for a "Stud Finder"....
    I'm right here.... :confused:

    I can scan up to an inch deep... LMFAO :D

    Sorry, I get stupid sometimes, could not pass it up... ;)
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    That just made my day :)
  8. I was afraid of that. The one I have is obviously not for deep scans.
  9. If there is a ceiling mounted light fixture you can remove that to determine which direction your ceiling studs run. They are typically set 16" on center meaning if you go to the nearest wall and measure in increments of 16" you will find a stud theory.

    I just helped a friend hang lights and used this method. Worked great.

    We used 3" drywall screws and sunk them at the 16" marks.
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    Now that's great advice....I'd rep you but I'm on the phone...and that 16" theory is just that, but still really great advice
  11. Are you saying a ceiling mounted light fixture in the closet or in the room that the closet is in? There isn't one in the closet but there is one in that room.
  12. If you want something that doesn't require a stud, I've had a good amount of success with ceiling swag's. You drill a hole and slide a metal peice into it that opens up on the other side. Then attach another part to it...very simple and has been holding a good amount of weight for me for quite some time now...


    There are other ones that don't require a drill, the example above is just to get you on the right track.
  13. ^That looks interesting. If I can't find the studs, I will definitely consider giving those a try.

    I was looking the closet over last night and realized I could always hang the light from the wooden door frame that goes around the top of the closet. Since the ceiling in the closet is slanted and I want to get the light as high as possible, closing the closet doors won't be an option anyway. Even with the way things are setup right now, I don't close the closet door to keep things a bit cooler. Any thing wrong with doing this?
  14. Yeah, its supposed to be that way...some people dont though! Thanks anyway.:smoking:

    Yeah, Im saying the fixture in the room. Just cut the switch before you go rootin around in there.:D
  15. I went out and bought a deep scanning stud finder and a couple of screw hooks yesterday. The studs in the ceiling just so happen to be the exact width apart from each other as the width of my light, so that will work out nicely. I took a very small drill bit and drilled into the ceiling just to make sure that studs are actually there and they are. I'm also going to use some gorilla glue on the screws just to help make sure that nothing slips out. My MH/HPS light doesn't weigh much, so that surely won't be a problem. Thanks for everyone's help and suggestions!
  16. Cool, did you happen to measure the distance between studs? Im curious to see if they were at 16" to center.

  17. It was!

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