can i hack a pc power supply

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  1. I am trying to use a PC power supply to power my grow box. I was wondering if there is a way to make this work because it is not so far.:confused:
  2. Yeah. you can do the paperclip trick, cross the green wire with any black, this tricks the PSU into thinking it is in a PC.

    Also if ou are using it for fans the yellow cables are the 12v rail.
  3. ok this is great. so are these the wires inside the power supply? just to make sure iam doing this correctly.

    Again thanks for the reply HardToker:)
  4. wait i made it more complicated than it was. thankyou again

  5. Man be extremely careful if you are going to do ANYTHING inside a power supply unit. The components in it can hold a charge long after it has been out of use and can shock you with enough energy to kill you.

    This is what I did, Attach the power supply to some random motherboard so you can turn it on without needing to customize it (Take a power switch from a case and plug it into the motherboard so you can turn it on) Then just take fans and whatever else you need to power into the mother board slots or pci expansions.

    Just be careful around the power supply, they're dangerous as fuck.

    Good luck with your project! :smoke:
  6. The wires should all be coming out of the power supply you shouldn't have to open it up.
    Got it sorted?

    Maybe he needs a steady 3v 5v or 12v transformer? It's not as dangerous as it sounds you dont have to open it up. Aslong as OP doesnt have it in the wall when he's tinkering about with it he will be fine, worse comes to worse he will trip the fuse.
  7. He means on the main motherboard connector(the biggest one) also for reliability I would strip the green and black wire(assuming you don't want to use it again in a pc) and solder or join them somehow together.
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