can i grow weed here?

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  1. Hi GC was wondering if I could get some advice, do you think I could veg and flower a plant in a cupboard storage with these dimensions? Don't wanna start and have no room half way through flower.

    Depth: 46cm
    Width: 90cm
    Height 160cm

    Be using dwc, scrog sect...
  2. I believe so.. 354 views and not one answer.. Dam
  3. I had to do the conversions of cm to inches. With that set up you could use the lower 1/3 of the cab for vegging and the upper 2/3 for flowering. It's very possible. If I stumble on a thread about it I'll post a link. Hopefully an experienced person will view your post and help you out.
  4. Im in literally the exact same position man. Same closet designers or something haha, dimensions are accurate give or take a coupe centimetres. And I plan to do DWC with scrogging too xD
    My biggest concern atm is the outer area. Theres enough space for upwards growth, but the spread might become a problem (I dont want it to be pressed up to the walls too much). But from my research and the two people ive spoken to here it seems very doable :)
  5. Hi, a thread would be great iv looked and cant find a complete cfl closet/micro grow from seed to harvest, they all stop half way through flower lol.
    what i really want to see is if cfl makes the plant not stretch as much in the first stages of flower like the hps.
    Thats a great idea about using 2/3 to flower but i have a separate area for the veg now so those dimensions would be clear for just flowering plants. Thanks  
  6. I was just going to LST them to try get a low and wide canopy. how many plants was you thinking of growing in ur "small space lol" and what lights? 
  7. How much is that in inches

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  8. Check my threads. Seed to harvest cfl grows.

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