can i grow under my bed?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by blackmajik2021, May 31, 2006.

  1. i want to growim germinating some seeds now and i have all the supplies except a lightbuld because im going to try to do it outdoors but i really cant find a good spot. could i grow a plant to be very wide and not all under by bed. i have about 1.5 feet under my bed in a large hollowe d out chamber. would the smell leek through my matress? (i have bongs a stuff in there and none of that stuff smells in my room AT ALL. im just not sure if it will smell too much or if it is even enough space to grow.
  2. it would be rather difficult i would suggest growing in a closet. i dont think the smell would be so much that your parents would notice but 1.5 feet is WAY too small. you only have about enough room (if you use flourescent lighting) for about 6 inch plants.
  3. Growing in your parents house is not cool without them knowing.
  4. Really if your parents arnt cool w it and u want to get kicked out your parents house Go for it man. Atleast dont do it under your bed or you wont have a place to sleep due to a fire starting under your bed. Pick your closet or something and Start off with some Floro's and start learning and then go from there.
  5. u got to take in consideration the pot its in and the plant size and the bulb. i suppose it can be done somehow. but if it could only with flourescents and if u trained it all to hell. i am not too sure would be a small yield. if u had maybe 2 feet or so for sure.u need a fan also to strengthen the plants and move air. with the right mindset one can do anything!! smell is another story i have 2 bubblicious plants and it smells a lil i got some scented oil things and it covers it good enough. but alot of plants = alot of smell!
  6. Considering you have only 1.5 feet, no experience with the severe training that would need to be involved, and difficult access to see and work in the area, then I say for all practical purposes the answer to your question is no, you can't do it.
  7. For real i wouldnt do it. yall gonna get this boys house caugt on fire.
  8. i was about to say that man under your bed ...havent you heard of all the matress fires and trust me theyll find out what caused the fire its all on you though gl gods speed
  9. ya closet would be best but think twice about it cuz if u get caught that is a felony and your parents can loose their house but it's truly up to u good luck:confused:
  10. yea i wouldnt do it. You dont want to be sleeping then have your ass be caught on fire. If i were you, find a spot in your closet, or outdoors. Good luck
  11. I say dont let these negative old cranks talk you out of it. look up SCROG in the search and read as much as you can about it. give it your best shot. i would try the closet though, and READ.
  12. I think you should go outside and look a little harder for a good spot. Planting under your bed is just, in my opinion, a horrible idea.
  13. if you can fit lighting and your plant under a 1.5 area under your bed, id be impressed if your plants were'nt dead the next morning from being torched from the light from being so close.
  14. shit by the next morning the fire department will tell them that the fire started under the bed because there was a light under the bed.hmmm... Just toss some out in the woods or something. and come back and check on them every now n then.
  15. The only way you'll be able to grow under your bed would be hydro I would think

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