can i grow these all at once?

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  1. can i grow Ultra Skunk, Mazar, Blueberry, Isis, Orange Bud, Strawberry Cough, White Widow, and Super Haze all at once? i have the right amount of lumens to grow that many and everythign else. will there be any problem growing all these at once in a hydro bucket?
  2. i dont see a problem as long as you already know those seeds are gonna grow female plants
    you might be better off growing less plants at one time tho cuz they could be a lot healthier and beefier if they werent crowded

  3. The reason some people will say not to grow different strains at the same time is because they tend to differ in growth. So you may have problems with an even canopy for your optimum lighting. They will also mature at different times, which means they may not always be ready to harvest all at the same time.

  4. yeah, there all dutch passion feminised beans
  5. anyone have anythign else to say?
  6. By hydro bucket do you mean individual buckets or all in one or separate. The strains you mentioned are going to have different nutrient needs so if you are prepared to mix different formulas for each then go for it, but using the same nutrient mix for all will lead to deficiencies and overfeeding in others.
  7. where can i find out what plants need what sorts of mixtures? and yeah its 6 in 1 like tank.
  8. You could grow them all at the same time, but every variety will have different flowering times.
  9. Flowering times shouldn't be a problem because you simply just harvest some earlier.
    as for the strains I looked up nutrient levels that those stains prefer and in fact you don't have any Heavy feeders so in theory you could grow them in all one tank and could get away with it. they only problem is that if one has a deficiency and the others don't, all problems have to be solved by foliage sprays . BOTTOM LINE if your up for it I say go for it, post a journal so you can get easy acess to help, but if your just looking for an easy grow stick to one or two strains.

    PS: e-mail dutch passion(thats the sed company right and ask them what e.c would be good for all those strains.

    Hope this helped:D and grow on

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