Can i grow in the fall/winter in texas?

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  1. I live in central Texas, I wanted to know if it's possible to start a grown during the fall outdoors? If so how? Or what strains should I get? I was thinking about 747...
  2. idk i live in east texas
  3. how much light do you get daily. if the temps remain high enough and you get +12 hours of light for veg you'll be fine, but when you need to start flowering, ensure that it gets only 12 hours of light. Only a little bit can stress the plant and revegg it.
  4. Yes you can, your plants will begin flower in early april or something like that, thats what happened to mine :( early flower
  5. Thanks.. I'm thinking about starting in the fall, and bringing it in daily under a light to prevent early flowering, does this sound ok?
  6. I've never been to Texas in the wintertime, but I went to Florida in february and it seemed hot enough to do growing during the winter, although it got a little chilly at night.
  7. I grow in florida, and just keep plants growing all year long, whenever theres an empty pot or two, I just throw another seed in the pape towels and eventually throw it in the pot.

    It never really gets too cold here for them, which is why I can grow all year long. The light only gets to 14 hours, which keeps my plants flowering as soon as possible all year long, the 14 hours doesnt seem to ever revert them back to veg, so I think youll be fine there, unless you get more than 14 hours..

    The plants that I grow dont get huge or anything, but thats good for me, because I want to keep them small to keep them hidden and I only grow them for myself, so I dont need huge plants.

    If youre going to use lights when it gets dark to keep them vegging, that will probably work pretty well, as long as it doesnt get too cold, which wont really matter if youre going to be bringing it in, unless it gets really cold during the day. You should be fine to keep it growing in winter time.
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    Thanks man.... that really helps... I shall grow year round then....

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