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Can I grow in a regular closet?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Klimmit, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone!

    So, it's my first grow, and I've been reading like crazy for a couple weeks now, I've read about 8 step-by-step guides by now, so I can cross-reference.

    Only thing that I couldn't find, was the answer to my real question:

    Can I grow in a normal closet, which includes clothes, and is about 3 x 6 feet?

    I can't grow anywhere else, because it is a stealth grow, and I am only growing 1 plant.

    Basically, the only problem I can see is ventilation, but I would have a fan blowing in the room (not on the plants) which could circulate are and push it out through the bottom crack of the door.

    I mean, it's not like the closet is air-tight, and I'm sure the fan blowing on a low setting would help.

    Also, I could open the door once a day during the light period, which would definitely help, right?

    Thanks to anyone who can help me!

    (The seed is a 60 Lemon Auto seed, btw:

    Ruderalis (Autoflowering)
    15-20% THC
    20% Sativa
    80% Indica )
  2. You can do it, without a doubt, but what lighting r u using? How stealthy do u need it to be? R u goin to buy a tent?

  3. No tent, just my closet, has white walls, and i'm going to buy an odor eliminator at home hardware.

    I'm using a 35w CFL,

    I need it to be extremley stealthy because my parents are in the house lol,

    Got any tips? I'm germinating soon.
  4. Try to get a tent atleast
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    Unless I can get one at home hardware or something, im out of luck.

    Plus I'm on a budget and those are expensive.
  6. Ok - growing in just a closet is probably not going to work for a number of reasons:
    1) Light/Heat, if you are growing in a space where you are going to artificially control the amount of light/dark, you need to be able to COMPLETELY control it. When you have the plants in the dark a normal closet will have cracks and gaps where light can still get in. Light leaks = Stress = hermie/male plant
    As for the heat, even cfls chuck out heat and unless you have a vent to move hot air out of the closet you are going to end up with a very hot growspace which will damage you plant.
    2)Space, unless you are growing an Auto, weed gets big. Unless you are LSTing or plan on topping at an early stage you are going run out of space. Especially if you are going to keep clothes in there!
    3)Ventilation/Air Movement, you need fans to both keep the temperature down and to blow across the plant to help stimulate strengthening of the stem. Unless you have a clear growspace you will not be able to get the airflow you need.

    Sorry to be a downer but i think you underestimate the requirements for even the most basic grow.
  7. Yep that's what I'm doing my closet is 3by 3 I don't have any clothes in it just a 5ft beauty of a plant. I keep door cracked open all day except during its night time its only closed for about an hr till it gets dark outside and the whole room is dark got a fan in there with her
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    K u can do it 2. Get rid of them clothes I'm sure u can find someplace to put them
  9. Your clothes are going to smell like bud.

    If you're going to grow in a closet and it's as small as it sounds, you need to dedicate an undisturbed space for it. Also realize that you'll need to still abide by the different light cycles for the plant through it's developmental stages. If I were growing in my closet with daily clothes in it, there is no way I would be able to follow a 12/12 flower schedule without leaking in light. At the least, you would need to contain the plant in an enclosed area that you can control light in/out.

    Closet grows work great, for people that don't use the closets for anything else.
  10. Yea if u can't find aplace 4 ur clothes I would can ur growing ideas

  11. Check out some grow journals if ur really serious, but u r goin to need more lights and if u want stealth u need something(a big totebox), to stop the lights leaking from your grow. And what kind of nutes r using??
  12. I've seen people LST in two stacked storage containers, you may be able to do something like that

    gonna have odor issues tho

  13. I have one cfl on the plant, not sure if thats enough or not. Germinating seed as we speak, so maybe we'll see if the grow work out or not.

    I actually am growing an auto. I covered the cracks from the closet, so theres no light leaks.

    As for ventilation ( my major concern ), I will have a fan blowing on low setting, which will push the air through the bottom crack of the door. Plus I will be opening the door periodically.

  14. Im going to use 10-10-10 Mira-Gro soloution, at quarter strength every 2 weeks.

  15. Buying an odor remover, and I think i'll move clothes.
  16. Get at least three more cfls make sure they are the blueish white ones then when you flower you will need atleast 10, 2700k
  17. i suggest you don't do this...
  18. I think ur wasting good seeds and time

  19. Ahhh i didn't read that bit. Totally agree, you should not be growing in your parents house without their permission. Simple manners, plus think about the consequences for them....
  20. Have they caught you tokein in their house if so how did they react

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