Can I grow Auto Strains Outdoors? (Please only professionals answer)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by shaundelamar, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Here's the deal, I was going to grow an auto strain indoors and buy a grow box, lights, etc.

    But, I can no longer do that since I am having somebody move into my house with me and I don't want to take any chances.

    Anyways, I was thinking about growing an auto strain outdoors, but didn't know if I could or not, since your supposed to be giving the auto strain 20/4 of light and here in Florida were I live, I get around 12 hours of light per day and if I was to grow outdoors it would be in the months around April and May and the average temperatures are ussualy around 85 - 60 degrees, with around 50% humidty and not to much rainfall.

    So, would this work? I would like to get around an ounce off of one auto strain plant. Would I be able to in the outdoors? Also, would I need anything else besides just soil, nutes, pot, and then just put my plant outside?

  2. you can grow em any where bro
  3. I have an auto strain, outdoors ... if that answers your question. Its flowering right now ...
  4. Most auto-flowering strains were developed to enable northern growers with short seasons to grow outdoors. I have already harvested several of my autos (Auto-Afghani+ Manitoba Madness) Personally I can see no reason for growing Autos indoors.

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