CAN I Gr0w in a "MaRsH"

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by 420dank, May 3, 2006.

  1. I just walked accros the street to this little marsh thing to plant some seeds a day or so ago. and i was just looking around on the Grasscity fourms and....yea...i think that was a bad idea, i have read that if it is realy wet soil my poor little babys wont grow. what are my options. Should i put them into pots. and if so how largeass should they be???

  2. as long as the soil has adequate drainage and your plants won't drown, I'd say a marsh would develop some fat buds.
  3. :p thanks... i was kinda trippin over that cuse wen i went down there it was all muddy and shit..cuse we have goten a loT O rain

    Ty :cool:
  4. Yeah...Mud doesn't have good drainage.
    You should probably wait for it to dry a bit.
  5. I would think most marshes are probably too wet...
  6. my baby thats currently sprouted and forming leaves was initially in some REALLY crap soil with worms and all then it sprouted and i put it in better soil. the crappy soil was SLOPPY from all the water in it :(
    but ts safe now
  7. lol the soil i put it in was like mUd... lol when they sprout im just gunu trans them into pots in the woods then dig a hole and put them in there with good soil.... :p

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