Can I Go To Flower Now?

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  1. Hey so this is my one baby i have going right now I have been using just cfls and last week i tried to add my 400w MH and it fried the top so i waited for it to top again and i fimmed a few of the lower branches but they didnt split so im kind of trying to wait for the bud sites to grow back which they pretty much have nowin but i have had this baby going since a week or so before thanksgiving so i know time wise im ready to go but just by how it looks what do you guys think     It isnt that tall only about a foot    I was thinking the other option is to pull the lights back a ways and let this bitch stretch   (its definately female by the way im sure i would see signs of male parts by now  in my past grows i was able to tell by now)   what does everyone think   thanks>>>   Oh and how does everyone feel about halving fan leaves   Like as in clipping them half off to let more light in   Oh and that pic of the garbage can is my setup


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    Any signs of pre flowering? is it big enough for your liking, in your situation i'd switch to 12/12 as long as pre flowering is shown
    Defoliation is a method of reducing lower leaves to generate more light and plant growth towards the top buds, defoliation needs to be started early in vegative growth and throughout the plants life in order not to stress the plant to much, i'd be careful chopping away at many fan leaves.
    One or two should be alright if need be, however i  tend to bend and move them instead.
  3. No point in taking of leafs look up jorge cervantes 

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