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Can I Get Tested Once More After I'm Off Diversion?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dannyboy330, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. So I'm supposed to get off the 30th but I got a call that I've been doing good with my Tests and coming clean and going to my drug classes that I might get let off next week, I'm getting so excited because I wanna toke! But everyone tells me to wait a week because they might ask me to test again once i'm off, Can they do that? Like once i'm officially done can they test me again? I'm worried because I wanna smoke the day after I'm off but don't wanna get a call a couple of days later telling me to go test, please help i'm worried and just wanna smoke. Thanks for any help
  2. Bro you've waited this long...just wait a few more days after your done bro just to be sure....better than getting fucked again
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  3. I know but I just wanna know can they legally do this? Do they have the right too?
  4. They can ask to test you at any time during your diversion program. I was on diversion for something that was not related to weed at all and I was only tested at the start, but I know they said they can do it whenever they want during the diversion program.

    Like the poster above said, just wait until you are all clear, it will make that sesh so much better!
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  5. Well yeah but that's not what im asking, I went Monday with my case manager and she said im off and shook my hand and I left, I am only waiting for the paper in the mail to confirm im off, so should i smoke? or hold on till then? Because I mean my case manager said im off just waiting for the paper
  6. You are under their control and you don't have the same rights as a normal civilian until they release you. Doesn't matter what the terms of your punishment/program is, they will test you if they want to and it happens. Don't risk it
  7. I don't think this guy really gets it.
  8. No you guys are getting me wrong, I'm off of diversion, I'm just asking if I can smoke now?
  9. I understand your question OP. I would say that you should just abstain for smoking for a little while longer. I don't know if they can/ are allowed to DT once you're off (I wouldn't think so), but just in case you should be extra careful and not smoke for like another week. The risks would be greater than the benefits for you to smoke right now.

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  10. You would really have to check your States statues (they should be available on line or any public library) for the laws that deal with Juvenal's in Colorado I believe that is title 19 of the colorado revised statues. That covers everything from your rights as a Juvenal to how your sentenced and how you will serve your punishment to what the state is allowed to to.

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  11. If you are off diversion and you have completed all of your requirements then you are no longer under the supervision of the state, then yes, you can smoke. If you have ANYTHING remaining (one last hearing, one last meeting with the DA, etc.) then you are not done and I would not smoke.

    Obviously not a lawyer and this is NOT legal advice, just based off my experience with diversion.

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