Can i get some Shroom Tips?

Discussion in 'General' started by KilltheKlown, Jan 17, 2004.

  1. Do any of you have any tips for shroom taking so i wont have a bad trip? I will probobly be trying them next weekend and i've already read up on erowid. Is there anythign i can do to reduce the possibility that i will have a bad trip and make things more fun? I had a bad trip on DXM once and i dont want to ever go through that agien. Thanks for any help

  2. I wouldn't worry about having a bad trip on shrooms the first time. Just make sure you're comfortable with the people you're doing it with, and try and do it with some experienced shroomers who know what they're doing.....peace
  3. if theres a bunch of people around (i.e. parties) you may lose track completely of whats going on and get pretty paranoid for no apparent reason. just chill and try not to have any bad thoughts.... because they will be exaggerated.....
    i heard vitamin c boosts a trip/makes it kick in faster.
    last time i had shrooms, i ate half an 8th and downed a bottle of sobe grapefruit cranberry elixer.... and id have to say the trip hit me within 45 minutes
  4. Oh yeah, chew them in your mouth for awhile, it will kick in MUCH faster. Usually have a drink to eat them with, orange juice is perfect since it has Vitamin C.
  5. Ive done shrooms like 7 or 8 times, and Ive NEVER had a bad trip. In fact, every time has been so good, I dunno how you could possibly have a bad trip.

    A suggestion, from experience, try to be with a group of people where everyone is on shrooms. Its a lot funner that way, and I recommend going on nature walks(unless its cold).
    If its your first time, like 1-3 grams should be fine, a quarter oz might be too much for a 1st time, but I must say its fuckin incredible.

    Damn, I gotta get me some shrooms, they're so hard to find tho.
  6. Nature walks!!! We were walking around near some elementary school, and these guys had their dogs and were making some movies. I was confused. It ruled.

    I think pretty much the only way to have a bad trip off shrooms is if you take alot of them and you don't know what you're doing. Bad trips are a lot more common with LSD, PCP, stuff like that.
  7. Haha, ya walkin is great on shrooms. The best place to go is a forest, man those trees look like theyre moving and tryin to reach you with their branches. Everything is just so much more alive than usual, especially if its windy out.
  8. Just enjoy yourself and live in the moment. Everytime before I trip, I always have stuff planned out, what I want to do and what not, but I always end up just living in the moment and doing whatever comes up. Also, that Vitamin C stuff works. Down a big glass of orange juice, take a vitamin C supplement pill, and hang on.
  9. Does vitamin C actually increase the effect of the shrooms or just make it kick in faster?
  10. ya the vitamin c prolly helps i havnt tried shrooms yet but eveytime i roll i drink alot of vitamin c and its pretty damn intense just makes u roll harder:smoke:

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