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  1. I just started growing 4 plants just bought a tentb3*3*6 and a 1200watt led just need to know general info about how to take care if anyone can help
  2. Here are some pics some of the leaves look like they are dying want to know how to fix this problem if it's a fixable problem

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  3. Pics are the fist step. They look a bit droppy probably overwatering. As far as the rest it could be anything between deficiencies, ph issues or.overfeeding. What are you giving them? What ph? What medium?
  4. Some background history of what you've been doing to them would help. How old are they? When did you first started to see these deficiencies on the leaves? How often do you water them? What kind of soil are you using? Is that hygrometer accurate? 20 degrees C seem a bit low for daytime temps and 77% humidity seems too high. Could be an advanced case of nute burn, but not certain. Need more info on what's been done to them.
  5. What 1200w LED did you buy do you have a link?

  6. I am using root farm base and root farm all purpose the ph is 5.0-6.0 what do you mean by medium?
  7. Medium means what kinda of soil are you using.
  8. So they are about 4-5weeks old I started the germination process may 5th a couple day later I got them to sprout. May 7 I but them in small red cups and left them under the light 24 hours for the rest of the time. I left them with a friend for 2 weeks he was taking care of them feeding it root farm base and all purpose.i am using pro mix premium potting mix. I water the plants about every 2-3 days depending on how dry the top soil looks. Just want my babies to grow healthy and strong from here on out.
  9. I don't know how to put the link in here but the brand is Aglex 1200w bought it on Amazon. do you think that could be a problem ?
  10. These are the nutrients I am using

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  11. No, the light isn't a problem yet. I ask because many people don't know that LED lights aren't as advertised. The light you have says 1200w but on the amazon page if you look it is actually only 210 true watts. Which is good for around 2 plants. A Mars Hydro 600w light is 236 true watts for example.
  12. Were they healthy-looking before your friend started to take care of them? How did they look when you got them back? How high above them did your friend/you have those LED lights? I ain't familiar with those nutes.

  13. Okay so I have 4 total plants and would u suggest I get another led light in there
  14. Here are some individual pics of the plants

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  15. If all 4 are females then ya i'd get another one, also as for those nutes, I believe there more for vegetables and starting roots i've seen them at walmart. You can use them but if you wanted something more targeted at Cannabis you'd want
    General Hydroponics Floragro, Florabloom & Floramicro
    or Fox Farms trio But again if your soil is really good you may not need nutes.
  16. I mix the 2 together in a 2L coke bottle and using a apart bottle to water the plants. Would I mix those 3 fox fox farm together?
  17. Spray
  18. Yes, you'd mix them together and feed once a week. I believe the bottles have the dosage you would use, or on the website it says how much to use. Also no you don't wanna spray nutes on the plants. Make sure you only mix your nutes in a bottle before feeding then dump the rest out, if you leave mixed nutes in a bottle they will go bad and grow bacteria. Rinse the bottle out when done. It's like drinking and eating off the same dishes for months without washing them. lol
  19. Okay. Do I have to flush the old nutes out before I add the new nutes? Or does it not matter. Also how should my light cycle run?
  20. So for the first 2 weeks they were looking beautiful and healthy. After that I beli
    For the first 2 weeks they were looking beautiful and healthy, after those 2 weeks I believe that's when they started to look like that. We had the plants in a box, but we were using a different set of light they were maybe a foot above the plants to begin. What other nutes would u suggest?

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