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    HYDROCODONE 10 MG / ACETAMINOPHEN 650 MG thats what i have ... can i get some info on that shit its a oblong green tab with watson 503 as imprint

    basically what im asking is it ok to take two or so of these pills
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    if you eat more than one of these at a time you will turn bright red and shrivel up and die...... jussstt kidding, youll be fine, actually with no tolerance for opies you should be moooreee than fine. just be careful and dont go over 4000mg of APAP in a 24hr period

    oh and btw, i wouldnt take more than two at a time of these cause of the reduculous amounts of aceto. youre only supposed to take 1000mg in one dosing but a couple hundred over one time wont hurt ya, just dont get into a habit of it. for the future search cold water extraction on google and you will be fine!
  3. pop em both and smoke a bowl after yu pop em

    youll be feelin amazingg !!! :smoking:
  4. deffinitly gonna pop two in tonight and maybe smoke a bowl...or what would happen if i dxm trip with this stuff
  5. Don't. Opiates and DXM DO NOT mix well. Even though you're not taking a high enough dose it isn't worth the trouble. If you don't have an opiate tolerance you'll be feeling good

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