Can i get some help here?

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  1. I've never grown, just smoked a lot. This plant grew in my yard where most of the seeds got tossed while smoking.
    So now I got this 6 foot plant, that looks like it's doin O.K, but I khave no clue when to harvest, or what the hell it is. (not that it will go to waste anyways). Any one got some ideas or input?

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  2. well since your most likely growing from bag seed, there is no real way to know what it is...

    so far it looks good, but try to get better pics of the pistols and we can give you a better idea of a harvest day
  3. Looks nice buddy! How long she been flowering? She looks like she could use another few weeks to go for sure. Did you just find it like that or you been taking care of it?

    You can get yourself a cheap handheld microscope at Radio Shack and then you can see the trichomes and when they start turning amber, like 30%-50% amber or so is when I like to chop. If you dont got the $15 to get one of them, you can just watch her and when she stops throwing out new pistils and most pistils(80%-90%) turn red/brown you can chop. This is the way I used to do it before I had a scope and its not always right.

    If you get the scope,Use Google Images so you know what a trichome looks like and when the heads starting turning, you will see them from clear to cloudy to amber. Its tough to use a scope outside, even the handheld ones, so you got to cut like sugar leafs off or small buds(really small, you dont need much to take a peek!) and take them inside and look at them.

    Again, real nice plants buddy:)

  4. here is the last pics I got, will take more if you want with close ups. From the other posts, it seems to match what people are callint the hermies. I see both of the defined sexes in the plant. Is it a bad thing?

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  5. I have not been doing anything with it at all, which is a waste really. I added some pics to the post, what do you think?
  6. nothing at all
  7. Oh man, nanners! That sucks man.:( Please kill that freak immediately.

    Edit: Id like to see a closeup with no glare if you could
  8. What is the deal with them? Wouldn't conent still be the same?
  9. Kill the tranny hookers man, they should all be wiped out lol. Hope they didnt pollinate the neighbors pot plants, tranny hookers got to die my man. :p

    Its probably from a night light or something in your yard, you got a he-she it looks like.
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    That's the biggest dick I've ever seen on a pot plant.:laughing::eek:

    No, but really, listen...for "not" having done anything to it, you sure did grow one hell of a hermie. Honestly, it looks like just really DENSE pollen sack flowers. So I almost wanna say its ALL male. Dont see one single pistol.

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