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  1. I'm just starting a new grow. i never bothered too much about fertilisers too much on my previous two grows and i find NPK Values confusing.

    i have purchased some Chempak No. 2 "high nitrogen feed" 25-15-15 for veg will this be better than baby bio for vegging.

    i'm thinking about flowering with Chempak No 8. "low nitrogen feed" 12.5-25-25. will this cause me any issues.

    any general advice welcome
  2. if you use the No.2 for veg make sure you make weak does 25 is alot of N!.You wont need much of the no.2. id becareful with it cus 25-15-15 is very strong you chould burn plants very easly with that stuff.
  3. Yeah I think those concentrations are going to be too strong for your plants and I'm almost 100% certain that those nutes are not organic. I don't know if that's what you're looking for but this is the organic section. What is it that confuses you about N-P-K ratios? What the NPK means or what nutrients you need at what stage? What is organic? What's synthetic?
  4. thanks for getting back to me. I think, looking at your post, that im confused about many things like organic and chemical. i thought an organic grow was a grow using an organic medium. seems i'm wrong. what confuses me about NPK values is that there are so many comblinations of numbers and no finite best values for veg or flowering. i understand that during veg the plants need a higher proportion of N than P or K and during flowering there should be less N than P and K.

    i cant really go to the garden centre and say a good fert for wed please in veg and flower. thanks for any details.
  5. Ive been doing a lot of reading about organic fert's for my grow this summer, Ive decided to go with Mexican Bat Guano and Blood Meal (high in Nitrogen) for veg and Indonesian Bat Guano with some Peruvian Sea Bird Guano for flowering (both high in phosphorus). Maybe even throw in some worm castings! Also if ur interested in keeping it organic, use some neem oil to control some pests, I dont know a whole lot so dont quote me on it! Hope ur grow does well, peace:smoke:
  6. Organic nutrients are technically animal or plant by products such as manure, blood, bone, seaweed meals and includes mineral based fertilizers like greensand or soft rock phosphate.

    I always thought that a 100% organic grow the medium should be organic as well, not rockwool, I even saw a Skunk Magazine article titled "100% organic hydro" but the grower had half of his setup in rockwool. I sent them an email and "The Rev" responded that while I might be technically correct, as long as the medium is inert and doesn't pass anything to the plant then it should be ok.

    Here's some very very general info about nutrient ratios and when a plant will need them. If you haven't already I would recommend purchasing a good cultivation book that will go into more depth about nutrients and when you need them than I can post.

    The exact ratios of NPK needed during your plant's life cycle vary from variety to variety and the grow room conditions. Very generally speaking vegging plants require high amounts of N P and K as well as trace and secondary nutrients. I think some people tend to think that the plant only needs N while vegging but it's important to have a balanced ratio of N P and K. During flowering N takes a back seat while P and K become more important. Components such as sulpher also become important during flowering. All the fun and experimentation will be yours as you fine tune your feeding regimen for your particular plants.

    Hope this helps and good luck with the grow.

    P.S. Generally nutrients intended for "vegging" are labeled grow and "flowering" nutrients are labeled "bloom".
  7. I can. And here they are.

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    But for real I would love to visit Malaga some day. Also you're lucky Mandala seeds is based in Spain isn't it?
  9. More concentrated ferts are simply diluted more before being given to the plants.
    40-20-20 will be the same as 20-10-10 when they are both diluted iaw manufacturers instructions.
    And no, they don´t have organic sounding names, that´s for sure.
  10. what about Earth Juice?
  11. True but I don't think I've ever seen organic fertilizers with concentrations as high as 40-20-20.
  12. I have a question for you guys. Going to start using Horticultural coconut powder just curious as to how much you add per gallon and how often you give it to your plants I'm assuming maybe once a week
  13. Best advice I can give you.

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