Can i get some advice from vape users?

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  1. Hey guys. First of all, I would like to ask a question about shopping online for vaporizers. I live in wisconsin and would like to buy a vaporizer. I'm a bit skeptical to buy online due to so many varying prices, I don't know which are reliable. Can anyone recommend a good site to order from? Also, I was told it was perfectly fine to buy vapes offline due to them being labeled as herbal vaporizers and aroma therapy devices. Is this true???
  2. Look into Canadian companies like TorontoVaporizer or PlanetVape. You will find the prices cheaper due to the lower CDN dollar. Their shipping is good too. Vapes aren't considered illegal until you use grass in them and even them it is the grass that is illegal depending on the laws of your area.

    Don't go cheap because you want your device to last. Look into the Arizer Air solid, portable and a good vapor giver. .
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  3. Ok, thank you. I have been checking out the Air quite a bit and it looks pretty nice. I haven't seen many others for that good of a price.
  4. I'm looking for portable herbal vaporizers. In wisconsin we have almost no access to wax and concentrates, unfortunately. Thank you for the recommendations.
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  5. If you want to buy a vape from the place with the best reputation you should look into Puffitup dot com (mods don't like links)

    Randy from puffitup is the easiest guy to work with, you may pay a few dollars more than buying from a Canadian company, most feel it is worth it.

    There is a ton of more information on vapes, including separate threads on each vaporizer mentioned in this thread, over at fuckcombustion
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  6. Thanks for the tip on ordering Canadian. I just got the Arizer Air for about $150, which is $20 less than any other site
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    Ive got a cheap vape I bought off craigslist ha, its an EZ vape. Its not great by any means, but I like it for a desktop vape. I bought it two days used for $40. Guy said it didn't give him and his boys big enough clouds, so I took it up and I like it. Ive had it for over a year and have it on over 3 hours every day.

    edit: I also used to have a "hotbox". they're fine, they're very simple, sell for about $100-120. nice little very simple desk vape, but I think I like the EZ vape maybe a bit better even though its a cheap p.o.s compared to a volcano or such, which id love to have. My buddy has a "du buddha" maybe its called, and I like that a bit better than my EZ
  8. Vaporizer, are made legally for "dry herb"
  9. I've bought from both Vapeworld and PuffItUp. It's been a few years since I used Vapeworld though, but I ordered from PuffItUp a few months ago and had no issues

    Edit, whoops didn't see you ordered. Great choice! I got mine on Black Friday for $160 and love it
  10. No problem. I'll want another one in the future. Thank you for the recommendations
  11. I've got a HazeV3 and it's amazing. It's for dry herb, wax, and concentrates. On the cheap for what it does, and it works very well. Bought it from VapeNation.

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