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can i get my card for type 1 diabeties?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by smokershabit15, Nov 18, 2011.

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  1. i was wondering if i could a get mmj card for type 1 diabeties? with diabeties not only does it effect me emotionally but physically as well. when my blood sugar goes high it really effects me emotionally and causes me a good amount of physical pain as well. there are times where i just dont want to eat and it causes my blood sugar to drop extreamly low which can cause seizers and possiably send me into a coma.

    if you can answer my question, please do
  2. Don't know for sure but by your description, I don't see why they wouldn't give you one
  3. thats what i've been told, i was hoping to get a pretty firm answer, but i agree.
  4. Ya man I would definitely go for it
  5. I would suggest that you speak to your primary care physician about your concerns, not a PRO-MARIJUANA forum.
  6. From your description, yes it can alleviate your depression and pain.

    But as an RN, please don't take Type 1 diabetes lightly. Sadly, you were unlucky enough to be diagnosed with it and because of this you need to seriously watch yourself.
    From what it sounds like, improper self management is the cause of your severe pain and your blood sugar to drop.
    If your blood sugar is too high, use insulin.
    If your blood sugar is too low, eat. There is no "I don't feel like eating" option.
    Please do not prioritize marijuana over the basic principles that you need to follow.
    Any moral physician will tell you the same thing.
  7. Yes there is ... it just means you die a lot faster ...:(
  8. Please review the "Do You Qualify" Sticky thread and if you still have questions, ask in there
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