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Can I Get Medical Marijuana For Asthma In Ma

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by mhs2011, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. I have asthma and I am perscribed an albuterol emergency inhaler and a flovent steroid inhaler.I am also perscribed a nebulizer for emergencies.
    \nI live in massachusetts and we recently got medical marijuana. I was wondering if my asthma condition would warrant me access into the medical marijuana program.
    \nMy albuterol inhaler makes me jittery and anxious and dries out my throat. it also tastes terrible! i dont ussually use my flovent inhaler becuase I dont like the idea of ingesting steroids because of their side effects.
    \nVaporizing marjiuana helps just as much as my normal inhaler and for longer.
    wht do you think guys? would I be wasting my time going to cannacare in boston?

  2. any thoughts?
  3. I'd try talking to your doctor about it? He would maybe know more, or ask around and find a doctor whos kinda known for being pro weed and talk to him? :p
  4. I doubt it because there are other muscle relaxants and weed is harmful to your respiratory system (except when vaped or eaten).

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