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Can i get medical in NJ? Please help

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Weedology, Jan 31, 2014.

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    You need to focus on treating the anxiety and stomach problems and stop trying to get a MMJ prescripton. I don't care what a cop or your friends told you or if you live next door to a dispensary or how many times you BUMP this post, you're not getting a prescription in NJ or most other states. Listen to your doctor and not people who are just telling you what you want to hear.
    If your anxiety is that bad, I don't see why you won't try Xanax or other medications that work and are less debilitating than being stoned. There are medications that work and you need to try them instead of fretting about not being able to get an RX for pot. Stop being a pain in the a$$ for your mom.
  2. I have a question, has anyone heard of the site I know they're legit because theyres reviews lol. Basicallyyy,, it is a website that gives away free seeds, all you gotta do is pay for shipping, has anyone ever ordered from these people? If so how descreet are they?
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