can i get in trouble

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by yeshomo, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. if i bother a girl on facebook?
  2. Entirely depends on what you are saying to her to bother her.
    Wouldn't say trouble, but depending on if they know you or not they may or may not get creeped out and block/delete you.
  3. they can't report me tho can they?

  4. you are one cheeky kunt mate i swear hahaha (no thats not an insult)
  5. Depends on what you are saying to her?
    And depending on the girl, she could but I would imagine there would have to be some pervy talk or something extreme to make her to do so.
  6. [quote name='"yeshomo"']if i bother a girl on facebook?[/quote]

    Rip Zyzz....

  7. its this white jailbait attention whore.

    i put this comment saying "jacknicholsonyes.gif" (which is the name of a famous gif with a creepy nod by jack nicholson)

    and she said "what?"

    and i said "uhhhhhhhh what time is it?" (lol, reference to superbad scene with mclovin"

    and she says "go away"

    lol i just put "okayface.jpg"
  8. Don't be surprised if you get blocked then haha.
    Personally if someone is going to communicate through trollish messages I wouldn't hesitate to block/ignore that person haha...
  9. If I were u, I'd get off Facebook, go get some real numbers. Lol sorry

  10. haha true dat
  11. Instead of asking if you can get in trouble, you should ask yourself if this is a good use of your time or considerate of other people. It says a lot about your maturity. Don't try to piss people off for your own amusement. That's what children do, dude.

    Grow up and be considerate to other people. /thread
  12. Don't harass underage girls? /thread
  13. at first i was like, serial stalker?...

    then i was like, the fucks this shit?..
  14. If you do something illegal, you can get in trouble.

  15. LOL THIS ^

    I mean first the thread was just a little creepy just by the title, then when I read where he said "this white jailbait attention whore"............ :wave:


    But no, I dont think you'd get in trouble. As long as you weren't constantly harassing her, talking sexual, threatening violence, I dont think there's much she can do. Maybe report you to facebook, maybe get your account closed.... but even that's doubtful, I think you'd have to be acting pretty crazy for facebook to care.

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