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    well last night my friend ran away from home(hes 17) cuz his parents are assholes and his stepmom is a complete bitch. he snuck out n came to my house around 12:30 n we walked over to the side lot n blazed, smoked a jack, and he called his ex-gf or w/e. the plan was that they were gonna pick him up at the bottom of my street (not near my house) and i walked down there with him, he hopped in the van n left.

    so today his ex-gf txts me saying sam keeps waking her up ect, just small talk. then i talk to sam via txt on his girls phone but we dont rly say anything. a few hours later the cops knocking on my door asking if ive seen sam, i told the lady were not rly allowed to hang out that much so the last time i talked to him was yesterday on his house phone. (i didnt wnana rat him out). The police lady was saying she talked to sams ex-gf or w/e (where hes at) and she sounded rly fishy and couldnt keep her story straight.

    so i txted his ex-gf after the cop left, and told her sam needs to go home cuz im not getting involved in this shit, and she plays dumb and says she doesnt know where sam is, and wont reply when i ask her when she last saw him

    could i get in trouble here, even tho im trying to help without ratting out my homie??

    sorry for the long read btw lol.

    so then sams dad (my neighbor) calls me, and says hes looking for sam and ect, so now it seems the spotlight is rly on me, and i dont wanna rat out my friend, but i sure as hell dont wanna get in trouble for shit like this

    what do i do?
  2. If your 18, and he's 17, and the ex-girlfriend is 17, and they find out your involvement, the usual routine is to crucifiy the 18 year old...So...I dont know man, just hope he doesn't turn up dead i suppose, lol.

  3. i know for a fact hes still at that girls house, shes just lieing to me now cuz the cops are involved. if hes found there, and my name is brought up could i be in trouble??
  4. Just say that he stopped by.. not lieing.. and than you guys just parted ways
  5. just say you dont know/didnt know/ havent seen him since the day before he left. There is no way they can connect you, the only way you can be in trouble is if youre 18 and you let him stay with you
  6. Helping a runaway = contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

    If your 18, they COULD fuck you. doesnt mean they will tho.

    I know about this from experience.
  7. well u didnt did nothing bad,he came up to ur house and u walked with him to the bottom of ur street so if he says ur involved the only BAD thing u did was lie about the last time uve seen him,so i dont think its 2 bad IMO
  8. well, my advice is to clear your name, just say that you were scared.


    this makes it look like you want to volunteer the information.

    I'm NOT saying to rat on your homie, by any means.

    I'm also not saying to lie to the police, cause if your caught you're boned, but its up to you.

    its not the most honest thing in the world, but its not a flat out lie either.

    just say that he was at your house, you told him he couldnt stay, you walked him to the corner to help him chill and went back home.

  9. so should i call the police later and tell her theres more to the story and tell her that sam came over last night and left in a car? (but not say who was driving or where he was going) and tell her i was just nervous and didnt wanna get involved?

    im so confused, and i planned on getting fucked up tonight, dont wanna have the cops coming over and killing my buzz, and be possibly getting in trouble.

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