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Can I get high if...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bateu a nave, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. Can I get high from weed, if i low a bit my tolerance and than start microdosing? Or microdosing don´t get me high? Just affects my mood, anxiety or depression in a positive way?
  2. If you take a T break or even lower the amount you smoke your tolerance will go down
  3. Ok, so if my tolerance is low, i will get high from a cannabis microdose? Or just postive effects without the high?
  4. You'll definitely feel different after microdosing + if you have a low tolerance you'll probably get ripped from a couple bowls if you microdose lol
  5. Thank! I was finishing my 48 hours break and tomorrow i will start microdosing. I´m following Dr. Sulak resensitization method. Let´s see...
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  6. Hi guys!
    Today i start my 2 hits 3 x day...
    On my first use after lunch i didnt get high but feel more happy, my body was saying oh man you are weeding me...
    About 7pm i get more 2 hits and go for a walk and feel near high but this good feeling last for about 2 hours.
    A feel minutes ago i get 2 more hits... and now get a good high...but more than last sunday with 3 full bowls.
    I feel taht with microdosig my body was learning how to get high with tiny amounts....
    Saturday i will get a full bowl and hope get a real high again with this microdose method.
    By the moment i enjoy it and approve
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  7. Hi!
    Yesterday was my 6 day of Dr. Sulak protocol, so I tried to found my optimal dosage... With 6 good vape hits, i melt my mind... my high are so intense, much more than my last 9 days t-break, but this time, i only cold turkey only 2 days, and for the next 3 days i use small dosages 3 times day... and yes, my tolerance droped a lot. Today, i get my 6 hits and melt again... Totaly aprove this method... I re-discover cannabis effects, it´s like I was learning how to feel the high again, i get giggles again, I think they never come back... I very happy with this method.
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