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Can I get fined or arrested for ordering a bong or vaporizer online?

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by Wuzb, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. If i order a bong/vape from this website or any website, can I get fined?

  2. Short answer. No
  3. Where are you from? Unless you are in some fucked up communist country no.
    Bongs (aka water pipes) are actually okay to buy for tobbaco use.
    Vaporizers are okay to buy for vaporizing herbs.
  4. No you cant, why would the feds waste time tracking and catching people who simply bought a bong. Especially if its for "tobacco use" hehe 
  5. Or worse...your parents find out! :eek: you can't get arrested or fined.
  6. why are head shops allowed then....
  7. Nah man. Only if you're on Probation.
  8. Your stupidity is blinding
  9. If there is no residue on it. Then all they're shipping is glass to you

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  10. It's just glass. Glass is legal. Or else we wouldn't have windows.
  11. Here in PA they shut down head shops and confiscate glass if they find it in the mail.  They won't make arrests but they don't allow obvious smoking pieces to be sold.
  12. Some states take it away

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    yes, the fbi and the department of homeland security are already tracking your order
  14. Yes, you'll go to jail for 5 years
  15. It's not stupid. This is part of the reason such forums exist. Were you born knowing everything? There could be localities, at least, where they have odd laws regarding paraphernalia. 
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    There could be...but there aren't. Most people would take a second realize that people smoke herbs other than weed...and obviously they aren't going to arrest people for smoking tobacco through their tool of choice.
    Not stupid, just lazy. :p
  17. no you cant, if you order a bong online or what ever, its not attached to weed what so ever they say its a tabbacco pipe u know for loop holes n shit dont worry about it thats why in my local corner store he has bongs for sale right on the shelf,  pipes, n if cops ask quetions he just tells him tis for tabacco and they cant do anything rememebr, its not iilegal to owna  bong, but as soon as weed has been thru ti tis probabal cause, if tis clean glass there are benafits of the doubt a flower vause yeah
  18. No you can't, but as soon as you collect the parcel you can get screwed over for paraphernalia. 
  19. Glass pieces are usually sold as "tobacco" pipes, which gives people the right to sell and purchase "tobacco" pipes.
  20. No, because you purchased a tobacco water pipe or a herbal vaporizer :) 

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