Can i get drug tested after i was released ??

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  1. Hey I have a question I was recently released from probation at court I had my lawyer go and everything . I was able to get early termination from probation . Judge then released me and he said I was all done . That was 3/17 and today I received a letter that my p.o wants to meet up in a few months with me. is this a mistake from the court I thought they keep systems updated ?? and can I still get drug tested even tho I was already released by judge ??
  2. Call them and ask.

    My court and PO never let me know that I was off probation, i called and they said 'you've been off for months'.
  3. I did call and they said I have to go in with paper work of release and verification of address . I am done with probation the judge said I release your from your probation. So I'm wondering if I can still get tested or can they even call me in if I already completed to the satisfaction of the state . The state guy is the one who moved for me to have a early termination.
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  4. I would not obey any request from the probation office as long as you have paperwork from the judge stating you have fulfilled your requirements. Just going in and submitting to the request isn't a good idea.
  5. It is up to the state to inform the probation dept you are no longer required to be a part of it. If you have paperwork showing your dismissal, I wouldn't do anything, and if they come looking for you or come knocking at your door, then you have a false arrest charge in your favor. Good luck. Hope it was nothing serious.
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  6. Yeah that's the thing my lawyer didn't give me that. All he said was your done . And I think he is the one to ask for those papers.
  7. That's what I thought but my lawyer didn't give me any paper work
  8. If you have the papers that state your finished take a copy and send it recorded post to them. Job done i would think.

    Your legal team will have access to all papers if you don't.
  9. Well unless you have something in your hand that is stamped by the court stating your dismissal, then you are not dismissed regardless what anyone verbally tells you. Remember this phrase, Can I get that in writing please.
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  10. So i should of asked for something on writing that I was done when I got out of court.
  11. Call your legal team dude they are on your side . You may have to pay a charge but if thats better for you than the piss test . That's what I would do
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  12. I have maybe 10,years probation experience. Three different ones.

    When my probation was terminated I received an official signed order from the judge that stated my case was dismissed.
    Don't be fooled by any tricks or deceivement
    Skip the bottom of the totom pole and go straight to the top. Call the court and ask to speak to the courts probation officer. This person handles all the probations in that court and they can give you a stright answer
    Your po MAY have a personal interest in your case and wants to follow up. Which may actually be a good thing depending how u look at it. If so agree to meet off hours in a public place.
  13. I was given not a single thing when they told me I'm off felony probation, maybe it varies state to state city to city.

    OP, just call your PO, they should help.
  14. OP, Call your attorney. They have your best interests by law. PO doesn't give a shit about you.
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  15. You quoted the wrong person

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