can I get all the solvents, etc. Id need to isomerize hash oil without a license?

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    im just wondering if stuff like sulfuric acid, ammonium hydroxide, hexane, or the other stuff I might need depending on the method are controlled in the US, and how SWIM might be able to possible get around that little hump if they needed to.

    I still dont understand the process completely, but I've got plenty of time to keep reading up on it and figuring it out before any attempt.

    Id really love to be able to do this, and it would just piss me off if I read about it, had it all understood, and just couldnt do it due to some stupid law getting in my way. In fact, even though I wouldnt, SWIM might just be inclined to figure out some less legal way anyway...

    anyways thanks for the help if anyone responds
  2. What do you mean isomerize? You mean just like make hash oil? Why would you need all those crazy chemicals? You might be talking about something way over my head, but I make hash oil on a pretty regular basis, and it's not that hard at all.

    Man you don't have to do the "swim" thing here. That's cheesy and it's not going to sheild you from prosecution ever in any court of law when you tell the judge, "it says it wasn't me", he's not gonna care.
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    isomerizing the hash oil is taking it and basically futher decarboxylating the hash or something like that. it converts the delta 9 thc back to delta 6 by rearraging the molecules. im fairly sure this process can yield a stronger end product, but some argue this is dependant on the weed used as a base for the hash, I believe it will be stronger and more psychedelic.

    it is actually more complicated, high times sold an iso-2 isomerizer a long time ago. they fetch high prices now.

    anyways I know one way involves absolute alcohol or absolute ammonium and sulfuric acid. Im pretty sure thats the way they were making the oil before most of us were born.

    honestly, Im hoping to produce a small test batch of isomerized hash oil, and then maybe even try to further purify it from 70% THC to 80 or even 90% if I can find a way.

    the problem is I dont know if I can gain access to half of what I need here easily without a license.

    and even if I cant, theres gotta be some kitchen chemistry I can manage or some way to get around laws here and there if there are any (Im really not sure)

    there also must be alternative options in how to acheive this process which is what I need to figure out.

    I'm pretty sure in the green dragon tincture, some people's secret in producing it is this very same process, or so Ive heard, something else I wish to try.

    this absolutely fascinates me.
  4. I dont want to like, go to some organic chemistry forum and ask this shit, as I really am not sure how they'd react, so I came here, I know some people still produce this, but idk if any of them show up on this forum haha
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    I think you're really overthinking it. Chemistry jargon aside, I can't imagine anything being stronger than BHO, or thc gold oil, or honey oil or whatever name you want to call it. Basically you use solvents to strip the oil away from the plant matter then you let the solvent evaporate then scrape up your delicious oil. I mean people who sell it in those dispensaries and whatnot advertise it as being upward of 70% cannabinoids, so we could very well be talking about the same thing. Unless you're using those chemicals to cause a reaction, rather than just as a solvent for stripping the oil from the bud, then you're essentially just making bho.

    Should come out looking like this and get you higher than a fucking monkey.

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  6. Believe me I know how to make simple butane hash. but you can further purify that product, and also increase potency by isomerizing like I said. a few others on here have threads about it so search. heres one

    and idk about other sites links, but heres another method for what im talking about.

    TEK - The Original TEK For Making Hash Oil - Drugs Forum

    this isnt simple nor is it likely safe, and is a serious stunt in chemistry. I dont care and know what I am doing to some degree and thats my disclaimer. but its totally real. go do some research.

    some people talk about thc acetate even, but thats really theoretical right there, and much more annoying to go about getting, whereas isomerization is a proven a true process, that Im fairly sure I can make happen if I find the right method and tools.

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