Can I get a ROLL TIDE!

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by firsttimernoob, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Well Can I?

    Let me know there are some other Tide fans out there
  2. you can get a big ol' "FUCK CAL"...
  3. I don't do laundry
  4. FUCK YEAH! It's been forever since I've seen the tide roll like that.. JPW looks really strong and poised in the pocket, I love the new offensive scheme as well...

    the Nick Saban era has officially begun
  5. thats what they said in Miami at one point too...i dont know, will see.
  6. Saban will be in Alabama for awhile... you don't leave a kush job like that, especially making $4 mill. a year.

    Roll Tribe!
  7. Fuck Alabama they took Mike Price from WSU!:devious:

    lol didn't matter anyways because he got fired for the whole stripper thing.

    "Roll Tide"

  8. shit, Saban didn't really have a chance in hell in the pros in my opinion, there are guys like him and neuheisel that are just built for the college game.. Nick Saban drew the attention of the recruits (#1 ranked recruiting class in college football), and these are guys that are having immediate impact in the game.

    It's gonna be tough as hell for 'Bama to come out of the SEC, although I'm encouraged that we may FINALLY beat auburn this year, as they're not looking too strong at the QB position.

    SEC > Your favorite conference

    bottom line
  9. Julio on pace for like 250 yards this year, 5 stars baby!!!
  10. Roll motherfuckin tide!!!
  11. Talking to athletic director David Housel, "Dave, I need a raise," Tommy Tubberville pleaded.
    "Hell, Coach," he shrugged, "We just hired you, and you make more money than the entire English department. How can I justify giving you a raise?"

    "I'll show you what I have to put up with," the coach replied, opening the office door and calling in Demontray Carter, the team's star tailback. "Son," the coach said to the player, "run over to my office and see if I'm there."

    "Sure, Coach." Twenty minutes later, the winded athlete returned. "No, sir, Coach,"
    he panted, "you ain't there."

    Thanking the player and sending him back to practice, the coach turned to the Housel and asked, "Now do you understand?"

    "I sure do," he agreed. "The dumb sonofabitch could have phoned."

    Fuck auburn

  12. lol, thats actually pretty good..

    Just curious but how does a Bama fan end up in Seattle? I lived in Wedgewood (right by you I think) after I graduated Auburn last year but decided Seattle after the summer wasn't for me and moved back to Atlanta.. anyways, War Eagle!
  13. hah, i live right on the border of wedgewood/u dist/ravenna on 65th street.

    I was born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama.. both parents are alumnus of the university from '76-'80. As you're well aware.. it's either 'Bama or AU in the state.. and loyalties are fierce and last a lifetime.
  14. LSU is going the fuck down. wanna know how many rushing TD's the 'Bama D has allowed all year? one
  15. only gonna get a roll wave outta me.
  16. Roll fuckin tide...

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