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Can I get a perscription for weed?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by troll mafia, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. Do you think I could get a doctor to approve of medicinal mj for this:

    For about 2 years i have been having sever chest pains around the chest area. This was before I smoked. I started smoking a year ago and it makes the pain go away dramatically and it will numb the pain for atleast a week and makes it go away completely for a few days

    thank you for help
  2. I would guess that you will have a shot if you live in California. If not, I doubt it :/
  3. Do you happen to know about Maryland?
  4. Maryland has a medical marijuana defense law on the books.

    Go here:

    But there's no actual medical marijuana law allowing doctors
    to prescribe marijuana to a patient. Doctors can't
    prescribe pot anywhere in the US. It's against federal law.
    Even in California it's just by doctor recommendation, not
  5. yes I have been the doctor said that he has no idea what it is and he can't find out anyone else having the same thing
  6. I had severe chest pains that kept me out of work for months.
    It was caused by an inflamation where the rib and breastbone
    meet. Had to have a full body scan where they inject you
    with a mildly radioactive element and you come back three
    hours later and lay down on this table, and they X-Ray your
    whole body.

    Have you had that done?

    Other than that, I can't think of anything. But you can still
    bring it up in court if you get busted and the judge will
    probably only fine you. Hell, the cop might ask you before
    he arrests you, and might let you go. Might even let you
    keep your weed, but don't count on it.

    Anyway, I'm tapped for now.
  7. It isnt as much pain as it is a huge discomfort. But whenever something presses on it, it causes it to me more uncomfortable and if hard enough it will hurt a lot. I have to put my hand under my seatbelt and flip my tie over my back :( Weed is the only thing that has helped at all....and yet it isnt legal....
  8. I'm not a doc but I do have a RX, if your doc. can diagnose them as muscle spasms you might have a chance BUT HAVE A DOC CHECK IT OUT! med mj is great for spasms but I do have to take about 3 bong hits every 4 hours or so for my spasms. good luck
  9. Norsman: poor guy.. are you beeing forced to smoke every 3-4 hours? ;)
  10. he is making it sound like a bad thing

  11. true but the doctor will let you know where you can go to get your marijuana. There are shops you get memberships too once you get the paperwork from your doctor. You go to those shops to get your medicine. Its not called a prescription but its really no difference, you go to the doctor he signs papwork you go buy your medicine.
  12. eeeeerrr does that mean marijuanna cant be given? in the film half baked, the scientist has an access to them.

  13. Yeah, but that's for research. In the movie the FDA asked them to run tests.

    He's talking about ordinary citizens getting prescriptions for it. Even in states where you can get medicinal marijuana you can still get busted by federal cops.
  14. COOOOL iam gonna be a scientist.

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