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  1. Thanks ahead of time for any help, I am a complete noob that has run into all kinds of issues already and you guys are great.:smoking:

    :confused: Here she is anyone tell me what the yellowing and strange growth from the new leaves is?

    So of all the guides I read I found a few things it may be, but I need some help to make sure:

    calcium \t\t

    I may be over reacting but the pics don't quite display how yellow they are. 26 days from breaking dirt and have fed no nutes. Soil is a mix of 25% Perlite, 25% worm castings and 50% Whitney farms premium potting soil.

    The soil contains:
    Aged and processed softwood bark and sawdust
    SPhagnum peat moss
    composted animal manure
    Dolomite lime

    PH in is 7
    PH out is 6.5
    Soil ph is 6.6 (measured with cheap soil meter)

    Watering every 3-4 days, no nutes.

    Day 26 from breaking dirt:




  2. yup looks exactly how mine kinda look like.Thats the result of no nutes.Your on the right track on looking for the deficiency but the ones you listed arent it.

    Throughout the seedling into veg stage the plant requires a large amount of N(nitrogen) and P(phosphorus).you need to feed it with a good NPK fertizer.the ones you listed are micro nutes and usually dont effect the plant until flower but can be avoided if you use a good bloom fertilizer.

    quick question..are any of your leaf stems purple or redish color???

    having a N or P deficiency will cause slow and stunted growth and usually purple stems.that plant should be a foot and a half at 4 weeks under a good light

    if you want to salvage the plant(your call) i would flush it immediatly and see what color the water is coming out..its prolly got a brownish tint to it..after that let it dry out real good then feed it with a dose of good fert like grow big or something.keep it simple.
  3. Yeah I just watered yesterday really well. the run off was yellowish tan. Will get some nutes soon.

    How soon could I feed and also how long until I see an inprovement?
    I would obviously want to start at 1\4 strength? Right?
  4. LOL! IVE SEEN THAT ONE BEFORE! hahaha. ya, its nitrogen deficiency as far as i can tell
  5. I have some miracle grow plant food 8-7-6
    Will this be OK untl next week when I get my grow big?

    Says to use 15 drops per quart. How much should I dilute this stuff?
  6. yea that will work unitl then.dont overboard the nutes especially if its the first feed.start half or 3/4 whatever is suggested then work up to full strength

    does the plant have purple stems????????????
  7. here is a pic of my OG#18 about 1 month inside veg. under a 430w HPS EYE Hortilux bulb. Purple coloration throughout the plant.

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    These plants have had purple stems from day 1. The guy I got the seeds from said that they would have purple stems. Just a strain specific thing I would say.

    The MG says 80 drops to a gallon so I did 30 drops in 3\4 gallon. Gave them each a small cup full since I just watered a day ago.
  9. wow those plants have real dark purple stems.when i sprout mine in soil they start showing a purple tint around a week old.then at 2 weeks its full blown purple and the deficiency is in then its too late.when their seedlings they want alot of P and not so much of N.

    having a N or P deficiency will cause DARK green color leaves,stunted growth and the notorius purple stems.ive been reading alot about deficiencies to try and figure out the problems ive been having for a while.i think i finally am on the right track.

    i suggest reading the nutrient sticky in this forum..alot of good gotta start thinking like a plant to have good results :smoking:

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