Can I Get a Dry Weight Estimate?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Only20CharactersLong, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. Hello, this is my first grow and I've reached the flowering stage. They've got a few more weeks to go in terms of bud growth, and I was wondering if I could get a rough estimate of what I could expect in dry weight if I keep them as healthy as they are right now. (The strain's White Widow, if that's helpful.)

    Thank you!

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  2. the strain is called mighty stretch Armstrong?

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  3. What light are you using? White widow or any other cannabis plant for that matter shouldn't look like that you desperately need light

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  4. If the buds are suppose to grow more hw are we suppose to tell you an estimate?
  5. 3-4 or so ounces.
  6. That node spacing is amazing... And not in a good way. Whatever your light is, I'd say you could probably at least double it.
  7. Nah he's needs to do a hell of a lot more then double it... it looks like bamboo it's sad cause I mean those plants had potential to give him a monster yield if he had the proper lighting especially white widow but he probably at a minimum needs 4x the lighting lol. Hell I grow each of my plants under a 135W mars hydro and they fill out a lot more than that I mean it looks as if they only had a few CFL each.

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  8. 600 watts or bust. ;)
  9. I think if they had more light now they could still turn out not too bad. As they sit now they will have about an oz per plant.
  10. I was about to comment that it looks like bamboo. Would make a great disguise, it's so convincing.
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    I've been defoliating it, so that's why it has so few leaves.
    (I know that it's pretty controversial, but I've seen and heard of some insane yields with it so I tried it out.)

    About it stretching, it seemed to me that the light (400w HPS) was burning it, so I gave it some more space.
    Is having it a little close preferable to having it a little far away?

    Thanks for the input so far, everyone.
  12. 400w for 4 plants.... well there ya go. You need to get that light as close as you can without burning the plants. I would think it could be pretty close.
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  13. Alright, just readjusted it to roughly a foot away. I'll see how it's doing after this light cycle and adjust it further depending on how the plants are looking tomorrow. Thanks again.
  14. Is that a 5x5 tent?
  15. 4' x 4'
  16. How far away was the light? Idk it just seems like what you are going to get for the entire harvest you should of gotten per plant...

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  17. After you brought it to my attention, I realized that I was being far too cautious and had it about a foot and a half away. I feel like a massive idiot right now.
  18. Damn you missed out those could have been colas the size of your arm
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  19. Damn, at least this is my first exposure to it. Just gotta change one thing for next time, which is a good start, I guess.
  20. Yea yeild is directly related to light not amount of plants.
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