can i flower with blue light??

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  1. I've got one 2 foot long sunblaze 24 watt 6500k spectrum. And then two 75 watt daylight cfl'd that I bought at home depot.... I am only growing 2 plants, is it ok to cycle 12 12 with these lights and flower my plants?? The size of my harvest isn't a huge deal to me
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    no, blue light wont produce flowers worth smoking. you should really invest in minimum 250w hps imo although 6500k is full spectrum and contains red, I think you'd get better bud using more Reds. they will just stretch and be a couple long sparse branches with no bud. Peace.
  3. You cannot flower with monochromatic blue light, but (AS I CLEARLY SPELLED OUT IN ANOTHER THREAD!) the 6500K is full spectrum and has plenty of red. Do a search on either my other thread or a spectral graph for your light.

    The correct answer, disregarding the previous post is: yes, you can easily flower with a 6500K fluoro.
  4. Almost certainly those "75 watt CFLs" are not that, they are more like 18 watts and are marketed as having 75 "equivalent" or "replacement" watts. Totally ignore equivalent/replacement watts, they mean absolutely nothing for growing. Look at the base of the bulb itself, it should have the actual wattage printed on it and again I'm betting they are around 18 actual watts.

    If so, you have a total of 84 watts CFL trying to flower 2 plants -- only about a third of the light you need. And wrong spectrum, 6500k will flower a plant but not nearly as well as 2700k.
  5. i have flowerd a plant using mostly blue spectrum before it came out fine!?
  6. shit in=shit out

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