Can I flower now?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by cjpurps, May 28, 2010.

  1. My plants are only 4" tall at the stem...BUT, they are a month old, have their 5th and 6th nodes coming in (probably all the way by tomorrow..which is when I plan to start) and were topped very early on, at the 3rd node...

    So...can I start flowering now? I'm not looking for ounces of bud or anything...maybe a half ounce max. Just for shiggles.

    Here's a pic of one plant...just for example. I'm VERY time and height restricted (not necessarily because I have no room, but because I'm freaking out over keeping this
  2. I'm right there with ya man....I started my first grow about 3 weeks ago so my plant is about 2 1/2 weeks old but I dont think its gonna make it (not important a.t.m.). As far as what you're asking about from what I've read you can flower from seed but your yeild is going to be affected. I'm no expert by any means but its all relative to your limits, for instance my box may be bigger than yours so I can veg longer than you b/c I have more room for stretching and what far as quality, from the info on this site, its not really affected by the maturity of the plant (i may be completely wrong), just your yeild

    Hope this helps ya man :D if not sorry in advance :p:smoking:
  3. lololol i looked at your pic after i replied, but have you considered LST (low stress training)? I saw you had mentioned you were tight on height it might be something that would be helpful for you to get the maximum yeild for your grow.

    Good luck on your grow bud :D
  4. Flower whenever you want.

    I never will understand growers who say they aren't looking for a big yield -- really? Then why else grow? I really enjoy growing MJ, but honestly not nearly enough to do it just for the joy of doing it. Or to put it another way, not enough to take the risk of doing something illegal with no concern about outcome.

    There's an old saying, "if you shoot the king, shoot to kill." Injuring the king accomplishes nothing but will get you executed just the same. I think there is a parallel to this in our world, "if you are going to take the risk of growing, risk it for a chance at a big fat yield." There are plenty of legal things to do "just for grins", no need to take up illegal hobbies "for giggles." IMO...
  5. Damn right. I started with one green crack plant hiding under a cfl and now I've got 36 square feet of my house covered in green girls. One baby plant's yield might last you 2 weeks if you're sparing, that's just a dick-tease. IMO, go big. Toasty's completely right. Veg her in LST until she's a third of the size you want her to be when your done. Kick them into 12/12 and let them flower out, you'll be a hell of a lot more satisfied.

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