Can i finally harvest this? Buds starting to deform

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  1. I dont knoe if you can see it in the pictures but i feel like my buds are starting to deform like grow pistols in weird ways that are not simetric or any thing.
    Also i spotted few amber thrichs today.
    Its northern lights auto so i dont want to let it go too much amber as the strain already is pretty couchy from what i read so i dont want to just pass out after smoking it if it goes too amber?
    1462822424990.jpg 1462822434019.jpg 1462822452421.jpg 1462822460760.jpg
  2. It's normal for pistils to get curly towards the end of flower. How long have they been in flower for? If the vast majority of your trichomes are cloudy with just a few amber ones, I'd say they're ready. The trichomes are the one way to tel for sure when the buds are ready for harvest.
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  3. I dont know how long they flower since im a noob and this is an autoflower. I put seed in 11 February so its 3 months in 2 days. They suggest like 10 weeks from seed to weed but im on week 12 right now so ya thats that. Also my second plant is somehow one or two weeks younger than this altho i planted them in the same time and they came out of the ground at the same time.
  4. i cant tell you how long you got being a beginner as well but im also growing auto NLs from Crop King Seeds. your plants look great, what seed bank are they from?
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  5. They are from roayl queen seeds. Thats just one plant in the picture but i have another one that is not seen. I did a bit of LST thats why its in that form btw. Also i see your grow and that you use 400w hps but i use just 100 watt of cfl for 3 plants total (one auto ak already harvested early tho). My point being you can plant a lot more under your light i think.
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  6. yeah i could definitely have a lot more plants in there, especially if i had started them all at the same time and they were the same height. it was all unexpected so im adapting lol
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  7. Hi Qgirl. Looks beautiful!!! Trichs milky-amber its time!!! I in day 48 flower trying to be most patient!! Glad to see another female growing chronic!!! Much love coming your way from the 61°st north!!!
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  8. Its not milky amber tho its mix of all but like i spotted maybe 10 amber ones haha. Altho i dont want this coutch lock effect so i just wanted to harvest when its proper milky.. Really hard to tell cuz some are still clear..
    Ive seen girls here before also there are more of us haha.
  9. Ha ha I hear you!! But when I want to bounce ideas etc sometimes its a chic I need to connect with. Not a dude!! My hub of 10 yrs is like wtf chat it up all day with a bunch of men?!! No mad or jealous. Respect thing. Sorry went off subject!!
    You gunna make butter or hash w/your leftovers???
  10. ye ye i usually make butter out of my trim and some popcorn buds well not to say usually since this is my first time growing indoors and have harvested just one plant. But butter all the way. Hash seems difficult to make and i already have a lot to smoke, dont want to completly ruin my lungs haha.
  11. Don't see anything wrong there, in my experience all ruderalis crosses (autos) get those waxy non serrated stress leaves growing out of the buds late in flower. I don't think you need to worry about deformation, it's just the nature of the genetics. your nl auto really bulked up and has some legit frost. thats quite a success with an auto, can't wait to see those skills with some pure genetics.
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  12. Wow you are just being nice or you really think its a good one? because honestly i only used 100Watt of CFL in a ghetto tinfoil tent with 3 plants 2 nl auto and 1 ak auto.
    You think i could harvest now? And maybe you have any tips ? Like put the plant in dark for some 48 or what not hours?
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  13. I really think you grow went well. I have 2 friends who just spent 3 and a half months growing 4 plants with 100 watts cfl and only got around 8 grams total (8 grams of DAANK they tell me though..). your plants are definitely looking like they'll yield better than theirs did, and being an auto I bet it's taken about half the time. I did a small scale cfl cabinet grow twice, once with an auto and once with bay area blue dream. I have some pictures from the blue dream grow, I think I can give you some tips for your harvest.
  14. i spent 3 months growing friend. Started february 10th from seed and this is what it looks now. I took one branch to sample before and it was ~1g a bit more i think, and it wasnt even a big one. total i have like idk 9 of the same size colas on the plant in the picture but they still grow in size since then so im guessing like 1.5G from those branches thats like 15g from one plant, and the biggest one still flowering and has like 2-3 weeks left.
    But the 3rd plant (ak auto) was a pretty small one you know total maybe 3-5G's (didnt have scale by then). But also it was a free seed and a pretty shitty plant came out of it and i harvested it early because i had some rotting going on in the soil. So the thing is i don't really see the point on getting like a 1000Watt hps you know because if the yeld is maybe 20% better laccy costs are not worth it. This litearally cost me 90% less than the 1000W hps. Correct me if im wrong.
    Shoot the tips straight at me haha.
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  15. This is Betty Nugs, my bay area blue dream in a cfl cabinet I built to start seedlings. It's lined with reflective panda film, and I think there probably closer to 160 watts in this one.
    I started harvesting when my plants growth had slowed and the majority of the pistils had faded to orange. When I thought the plant was super close to ready, I stopped watering entirely. The other things that determined the harvest window were waiting for the buds to fill out, and waiting for maximum resin coverage. I waited for at least 60% of the hairs on each bud to turn fully orange, and the appearance of a few amber resin glands. I then gave the plant 48 hours of darkness (just like you're considering) before starting to harvest.
    Here's what a completely ripe bud looked like for this plant:
    The buds definitely bulked up a little more during this dark period, but the main benefit was increased resin on the leaves for edibles and hash. While harvesting and trimming one large cola at a time, I left the plant in total darkness making sure it had very good ventilation. this added another day and a half to the dark period.
    after harvesting all the big buds, there were still some immature buds left on the lower half of the plant that had been shaded from the main lights at the top of the box. I cut the plant back very far, leaving only the very small buds that werent worth trimming. I turned the lights back on, and let the remaining buds mature for several more days (maybe 6 days? I cant remember exactly how long this took. If I watered at all, it was as little as possible only when necessary). It grew back a lot, and the buds matured well and almost equaled the size of the buds in the initial harvest. Here's what it looked like when the immature buds were ready:
    I pretty much just repeated the same dark period and harvest process for the second part of the plant. Most of the weight was from the first round harvest, but round two really boosted the overall yield. I got about 2 ounce total dry buds off of this, plus a LOT of really beautiful sugar trim. the hash from this little plant was amazing, the exact same orange color as the pistils. Here's a photo of the cured bud: IMG_9926.JPG
    Hopefully this helps you with your harvest, this technique worked really well for me, and increased the yield of a micro grow to something really worthwhile
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  16. Thats a really nice and detailed post. Thanks friend. But like from the pics u think my plant still has a little time left? I mean i really dont want 2 chop 2 early u know because iwaites 3 months its not like i cant wait 2 or so weeks more haha.
    But ye i considered also picking the big colas and then leaving the small things to grow on their own.
    Did you change light schedule or any thing at the end? Like i hear some do like 12/12 with autos or like 8/16
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  17. I think you have a little bit of time left to wait for more of those hairs to change from white to orange. My blue dream wasn't an auto, but when i did run an auto in the box I left it at the same light period the entire time. So its not in my experience but with the benefits of light deprivation for resin production I definitely see nothing wrong with trying 12/12 for your autoflowers. even if its ruderalis genes don't recognize photo period, it would probably help with resin production.
  18. Thing is some thrichs are already amber. I dont want any more of that THC to lose its potency or be locked in my bed or something haha.
  19. harvest when the fruit is ripe..dont worry about the trikes ...
  20. What do you mean not to worry lol? I want a high that i like not sloth couch lock paralysis lol

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