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Can I extract the thc from slightly moldy weed by grinding it in a 4 piece grinder and it be safe

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Potent Potion, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. Well I have some slightly moldy weed(im like 90% sure its mold) but anyways, I was wondering if I grind it, will mold get through the screen along with the trichs?
  2. NO. You will just grind the mold with the weed. Best bet is to make iso hash from it. Look it up.
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  3. Mold spores are a lot smaller than trichomes, so no.
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  4. Toss it
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  5. Pics of bud if you are unsure?
    If its mold I agree, toss it.

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  6. mold or fungi is best delt by eating it,, add it to butter heat it then add to toast etc then eat ...easy

    good luck
  7. The pics wont be good enough quality to show you but honestly it might
    The pics will be bad resolution and its hard to tell but i took a VERY close look at it and determined its not mold just lots of crystals
  8. Lol wat bro, how does trichomes look anything like mold?

    Glad to hear it all worked out in the long run, be careful.

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  9. Thanks for all your replies guys i appreciate the help. After taking another closer look i came to a conclusion that its just good weed with lots of crystals.

    Reasons i thought it was mold: 1 i read somewhere about mold growing on buds that had me paranoid 2. Seen little white spots on the weed and on the stems that looked suspect even under a light with a little loop to zoom-in 3. Smelled strong and skunky 4. tasted harsh

    Reason i think its just normal good weed now: 1 tasted harsh because i was smoking out of a kinda dirty water bottle with no water cause my bong broke :( now smoked a bowl(glass) and its better :) 2 looked at the weed very close under a 25x zoom microscope and seen that the white looking spots where just clusters of thc. It was frosty lol. 3. got me high af with 1 hit
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  10. Lo
    Lmao i know man i was trippin haha man i feel better now tho
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