can i ever get over my prejudice for cops?

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    Now i used to passionately hate cops. Now, i just know that they exist and try my best to avoid them.

    The thing is, when i see them and walk by them or am in the same vicinity of one, i do not look or acknowledge them at all. I don't want to have ANYTHING to do with them. Now im not gonna kiss any ass, but I COULD be polite and still say hi and be polite regardless of my beliefs of them, but there is that wall that i put up.

    I think that my reasoning for this is that i do illegal things myself and want to avoid anything that has severe punishment like a cop arresting. i dont know??

    what do you think?

    PS: PLEASE do not turn this into a cop bashing thread (unless u say something funny or something).
    i want to keep this at least somewhat philosophical
  2. Fuck the cops I'm not saying hello to those pricks or being nice to them
  3. I can't just cure your prejudice over the internet, noone can. Cops aren't bad people. Some are, but there is doctors and shit that are bad people too. It's just their job.
  4. Really? It's "just their job" to be bad people? Their job is to protect us, not fuck with all of our rights.
  5. i just feel like most cops abuse their fucking power. like they think since they have a batman knock-off utility belt, they're a fuckin superhero. except it makes them a douchenozzle. you take off their belt? and they cant do shit.

  6. We use periods (.) to seperate sentences and ideas. I was practicing that in my previous post. I never said it was their job to be bad people or anything.

    Ya, it is a cops jobs to bust kids smoking pot. Everyone is well aware of the legal repercussions for doing so. No reason to hate cops over.
  7. i had to call 911 awhile ago when my car broke down and i was stranded in the mountains i had bud stink in my car and on me and all the cop did was give me a ride home where i could call aaa. so i respect the ones who are just out to help you, like this guy was.

    but in general i avoid and ignore when is see in public
  8. I was never referring to this. I'm talking about the countless assaults and unlawful searches that are being performed on people everyday.
  9. That's exactly a fucking reason to hate cops, they should use their fucking judgement and not enforce corrupt victimless "crimes". I made the analogy before that the SS were just doing their job, with your logic that must have been justified.

    What a joke
  10. Yeah I'm with you dude. Like I know I should only hate dirty cops but I walked into a store one day to get food and there were two cops sitting down eating and I was waiting for like 15 seconds cuz the owner was in the back and one of the cops yelled " have a customer." But I couldn't even get myself to thank him I just said nothing. And the cops in that city are very very reasonable from the experiences I've had with them too.
  11. Realise that this prejudice is just a manifestation of a subconscious resentment of authority. Get over the resentment and contribute towards your own enlightment. Problem solved :smoke:
  12. Ya, thats a very small minority.

    Ya...the SS were just doing their jobs, there is no dearth of anecdotes by former Nazi authority and military figures stating that they had no moral agreements with their orders, but simply act out on them to save theirselves and family from persecution. Themselves being first person witness to the atrocities that the Nazis were ordering them to do, they had all the reason to not want to go through it.

    That cannot be applied to the American law enforcement, but that is how I feel of the SS and I feel that the individual officers were justified in that manner. The cops get paid good money to uphold the state and federal law, all personal morals aside. They are law enforcement, not personal ethical conduct enforcement.

    The day that enforcement officers begin to act on their own morals and values rather than the guidelines set by the law is the day that America is truely fucked.
  13. this is the best answer suited to the direction of where i wanted this thread to go. i wanted more philosophical insight rather than just the same "fuck cops" attitude. Apparently i repped you recently.

    I am contributing towards my own enlightenment in a few ways, but that resentment still exists apparently. Maybe i will change when i get further in my path in this aspect, or maybe i wont. i guess only time will tell.

    I can also relate to the dude who said he couldn't bring himself to say "thank you" to the cops.....i would've probably done the same thing.
  14. i understand how you feel. i work overnights at a convenience store so i get cops in and out all night. some are nice. some are dicks. but i have a hard time even talking to the nice ones, and it's probably because they just happen to be cops.
  15. I don't see me ever respecting a cop until I can sit on my porch and smoke a joint and not be fucked with by said piggy
  16. Last night I had a nice chat with the cops and I even called them :eek:

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