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Can I eat the nug?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by stevomc, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. I'm at home today I busted my leg so I'm not at school and I got my cleaner and some randoms at my house and u dint want them ti smell the smoke if I roll the joint so can I simply just eat some weed without cooking it? I got a nice 1g nug so can I just eat it how it is?
  2. Yes you CAN eat it but you will barely get high and you will most likely get a stomach ache. If i were you i would just make a lightbulb vape and vape the bud.. That way it wont smell as bad as smoking and you will be stoned.
  3. Nah that'd be a waste. I'm pretty sure you gotta let the THC absorb into butter or something fatty.
  4. No. THC is fat soluble, so it needs to be cooked in some sort of fat -- butter, oil, peanut butter, etc. Eating it raw won't do anything.

  5. Yes, THC is fat soluble. However no do not eat the nuggest. THC vaporizes around 392 degrees.
  6. Eating bud is a complete waste.
  7. So can I make a firecracker without cooking it?
  8. This isn't completely true.
    there is a small amount of THC that will be released if you eat it raw.

    I don't know the specifics, but I know for a fact if you eat a pound Northern Lights.. you will definitely be high, bud. :wave:
  9. yes, but you will need to wait a few days before the THC will absorb into the peanut butter.
  10. dont waste perfectly good bud
  11. You CAN get a banana up your ass yes you can but its wrong
    no offence its just how i see everything
  12. Are you *sure* you don't want to cook it? You would get a much better high if you did.
  13. The only time ive eaten bud is when i almost got searched by the cops:rolleyes:

  14. I dare you to try it haha, I bet you would puke by a quad.. if even that.

  15. Haha that's the only time when it's acceptable.

  16. yeah its not water consolable , but you can eat it. you dont get high just from smoking or vaping it.
    you can eat it but it would be a waste. just wait till night when your rents are asleep and then toke it up man. see one of the threads that say how not to get caught. and see if your rents will let you burn an incense in your room.
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    this guys just bullshitting, or being sarcastic.

    THC has to be heat activated for you to get high with it. edibles work because theyre slightly heated to make the thc get extracted into the butter (butter works perfect cus it soaks that shit up and is used in all dank cooking)

    you can eat a nug, it wont give you a tummy ache and it wont get you high. you'll just of wasted $5 or so.

    if you wanna get high, go grab an apple (i actually like to use apples if theyre cold, it feel nice when you hit it, all cool and appley) and poke a hole down the tp middle and another to meet it halfway and smoke with that in your bathroom, act like your shitting. play some music, spray some air stuff and take a long time.

  18. almost?

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