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Can I Drink tonight and then pass a breathalyzer by 9 am

Discussion in 'General' started by spartanstoner, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. So right now im out on bond for getting busted with my bowl. iv already quit smokin and peeing clean but they also make me blow when i go to test, which is dumb as hell considering im 21 and have no alcohol or violent crimes on my record. So if i blow tommow it would have to be by 9.30. the question is could i drink moderatley tonight and pass by then? are there things i can do to speed up the process i know they generally say one drink an hour is how long it takes to get out. but looking for adive its friday i wanna get shitty.
  2. if you drink just drink water along with it, should be fine.

    edit: assuming you arn't downing no kegs...
  3. It depends on how much you weigh and how much alcohol you drink.

    When I got a DWI I blew a .14 at noon the day after drinking, so, just be smart about it.
  4. you should be ok, correct me if im wrong but doesnt alcohol only stay in your body for about 4 hours? dont think youre gonna be drinking till 5 in the morning lol.
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    Blood Alcohol Content / BAC

    this is actually a pretty smart question.


  6. Good advice. I own a breathalyzer and have brought it to some parties/gatherings. Most people wake up blowing at least .08.

    Just wait it out man. Or have like 3 drinks early.
  7. wtf i had 8 or 9 beers when i got a DUI and blew a .11 and im only 140 lbs. and i only started drinking about 3 hours before i got stopped.
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    Yeaa, I drove about 20 minutes in the wrong direction before I realized I was getting farther and farther away from home. I got off the highway, pulled into a gas station to turn around, and as I was pulling in my stomach seized up and I puked all over my lap and jerked my steering wheel to the right, went over a curb popping 3 of my 4 tires and slammed diagonally into a plastic fence wiping out about 20 feet of it.

    I stumbled out of my car in astonishment, covered in my own puke, and turned to see about 4 people staring at me with their cell phones out calling the police.

    If you drink about 6 Long Island Ice Teas and an undetermined about of beer, make sure you get enough sleep before getting behind the wheel.

    I honestly didn't even realize I was so drunk, I just thought I was groggy from being hungover and tired. I must have had alcohol poisoning the night before, because it had been at least 7 hours since I stopped drinking.
  9. Why would you want to risk more fines and possible jail time?

    Don't do it.
  10. ya i got homework tonight ill just pass on the party

  11. Now you're being responsible about it. Good man.
    You'll thank yourself later.

  12. Good idea man. Party it up when it's all said and done with.
  13. yea, i would jst wait it out and get shmammered 2moro nite:D
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    2moro nite was two weeks ago. :bongin:
  15. the best way to not have a problem with a breathalyzer is to drink on nights other than the nights right before you know there will be a breathalyzer in the morning.

    can you control yourself or are you a drunk

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