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  1. Got a question this my second grow and the frrst one just died on me but was wonder can I start in the same pot that I will finish it will be a 4gallon pot and I wanna start the seed in it. Can I do it. Wht can I use mg nutes that u add to water.
  2. Stay away from the mg neuts or this one will die too.
    Plant seed in finish pot? Sure u can. Although u be having a hard time watering it. As ut will have way more pot than it needs as a seedling.
    People just grow in stages by transplanting as its easier to manage their soil condidtions.

    Fill pot 3/4 way. Cuz when it starts it may stretch. Then u can add dirt to bury the stem more
  3. So u sayin the mg nutes is no good that all I got whts the prblm wit it and wht should I use
  4. Mg neuts are for your moms geraniums.
    Get micro/grow/bloom. From any of the big fert companies.
    3 one liter bottles 30-40 bucks ..... Done!
  5. Ok can I use somthin like gravel at the bottom fro drain
  6. Not needed. If its airy from the peat and perlite it will drain just fine. As long as there are holes in the bottom of your pot.
  7. Ok ya my mix has aged pine bark, topsoil, sand and perlite. 45-55% can I use that jus askin bro seem like u no a lot
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    Well last year was my first grow and I used MG, in 5gal. buckets. The plants did burn some at first but overcame that . My biggest mistake was not having enough drain holes which was waterlogging the roots so I drilled half inch holes all over the sides of the buckets as well as more in the bottom and payed close attention to my watering. All and all I did alright , considering. This time around I'm using 10 gal air pruning bags and a local potting soil called Vortex (from the Natural Gardener, if your in this area) and starting 3 months (yeah 3) earlier then last time
  9. Thank u fo that advice so I can use mg plant food to

  10. I would definitely listen to Hemi4spd, you dont want to take a chance at your girls burning from overfeeding them with nutes. You more than likely dont have the same strain as IamRme when using MG. He probabaly has a strain that has a high tolerance for high amount of nutrients. All strains react differently, so you dont want to put them through it and fail. The problem with MG is it has a time releasing agent that puts nutes into the soil at different times, so you never really know what is in the soil and at what time. That would be hard to keep up with. Just my thoughts. Good luck bro
  11. [quote name='"SoHighInTexas"']Ok ya my mix has aged pine bark, topsoil, sand and perlite. 45-55% can I use that jus askin bro seem like u no a lot[/quote]

    Pine and cedar are very acidic. At least the needles are. Dunno about bark so much. If its all you got i guess it may work. But im sure u can find better.
    It really boils down to how serious you are to make harvest. If your just doing this as a lark, and really dont care if u fail or win then dig up what ever shit u find around the house.
    Go to local hydro shop. Buy some soil, and be done with it. Then soil will not be a concern. You will have something tried n true that grows MJ.
    Good luck in your grow
  12. Good looking bro maybe have to try somethin diffrent don't know if it will work don't wanna lose another
  13. Right! I'm certainly NOT recommending using MG, it's what I had,and that grow was just on a whim and it worked. I stepped up this year as far as soil etc. That said I don't think that you need go out and buy the most $$ stuff out there to have a good harvest. Again bad drainage was my biggest and easiest to fix problem

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