Can I do this legally?

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  1. If a cop pulls me over (for a random reason). And tells me that he smells weed in my car, Can I exit my car and lock the doors until he gets a search warrant?
  2. If he smells weed it's probable cause, he doesn't need a warrant.
  3. I thought smell was probable cause ? anyways if you did that you would probably get obstruction of justice
  4. try iy and find out.

    in MA they cannot use that excuse anymore. its illegal for them to say they smell weed and search cause weeds not illegal here anymore!!!
  5. ooh that's a good question, I'd like to know too
  6. Lol no never do that.
  7. I would laugh my ass off if I saw that
  8. If you get the wrong one they'll probably get scared if you get put fast enough and taze you.

    I don't recommend it
  9. The cop is gonna whoop you if you pull that shit
  10. Not sure if you can do that but I wouldn't. I'd go on acting like nothing was up and act unalarmed so hopefully the cop would think I have nothing to hide and drop it.

    Probably if you started acting all sketchy the cop would just keep giving you shit until you make a mistake and he/she finds a reason to search your car.
  11. Chances are if you get pulled over and just hop out of the car your going to have a lot more to worry about then the shit you have hiding in the car...

    and even if he did ask you to step out then he closed the door and he closed it then you some how managed to lock it....

    how are you winning? now he has more of a reason to want to go in there

    very smart plan you made there... tell me how it works out for you
  12. as soon as you open your door the cop will hold it open for you. when this happens the cop can go right in because you opened the door for them
  13. If you do that shit they are going to know what's up. I mean no one who has nothing to hide gets outside their car and locks it during a traffic stop.
  14. Haha, as soon as you step out of your car without warning, your gonna get tazed
  15. Gotta be careful when they say taht, if you know it doesnt smell like weed, i would push your luck, but if its very obvious, man up and deal with it.

  16. Yeah, you know you're getting out with the intention to lock the doors but the cop probably thinks your getting out to grab a weapon from the back.
  17. Since we're on this about if your car doesn't smell like weed at all, but the cop says it does. Therefore, he has the right to search...??? So are warrants useless if they can just say that at anytime? And say they did find something, in court it's the cop's word against what the court would think of as a druggie...
  18. there's no such thing as probable cause........ they can say they smell weed even if there surely is not. then search.

    no matter what...... if a cop wants to fuck with you........ you are fucked...... unless you pull out a gun and blow his pathetic head off.

  19. wow..
  20. LOL. Assuming you got out without the cop shooting you, he would just detain you. If he was nice, he would pat you down and take your keys so he could get into your car.

    If I were the cop, I would break your fuckin window :p Can't lock me out of shit!

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