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can I do anything with a bowl?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Boomhauer, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. I have a bowl, but im getting tired of coughin my brains out after every hit. Any way that I can put a hole in a 2 litre and hook up the bowl and make a water bong? Or anything else you blades might suggest that I havent thought of.
  2. Grav bong, lung/parachute, steamroller
  3. this is just a thought, but maybe you could melt a hole big enough for your pipe in a water bottle then just stick it in there and hit it like a bong. (using tape to make it air tight) To clear it, you would just let go of the carb on the pipe. It would have to be at a pretty awkward angle in order for the weed to not fall out and probably wouldn't stand up on its own. Might work tho.
  4. Smoke the bowl like a jay. Just draw all the smoke into your mouth and let it cool, then inhale. If you take straight long and hard rips of a tiny spoon pipe, you might hack up half your upper respiratory system. ;D
  5. Or just buy a bong

    Who Dat!
  6. Clean the bowl? If youre coughing from a bowl idk what to tell you lmfao.
    Maybe get a bong with an ice
    Catcher which will help soothe the smoke idk

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  7. Get a bong or bubbler or something that cools the smoke.
  8. Invest in a vape
  9. Just get a bigger piece or a bubbler..don't do some nasty plastic mod

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