Can I discharge myself from rehab?

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  1. I've been in rehab for 2-3 months now for marijuana. I was put on probation for possession back in February, and probation put me in rehab. About a month and a half or maybe even two months I was discharged from probation but I'm still in rehab. Since I'm no longer in trouble or on probation, would I be able to discharge myself from the rehab, or do I need to complete it by law?

    I was told by my counselor in rehab that I was getting discharged August 1st, but then a week later they told me they wanted me to come in one more time for a random UA during the transition process. I'm worried because I started smoking again daily august 3rd, so I've been stalling a lot so I don't have to go back yet. I'm no addict(marijuana isn't addictive, I've stopped 3 times for up to months. It's only because it makes life a lot easier in many ways for me) I realize I probably should have waited until I got the letter in the mail because they probably won't send it now until I take that drug test. Please help me figure this out.

    FYI- I live in Missouri
  2. It completely depends on the terms of your conviction. If Rehab is court-ordered, then it has to be completed to the extent outlined in the court order.

    This is a legal matter, and I wouldn't take any advice from here as the absolute legal truth. Whether or not you have to stay in more rehab generally depends on what the court order says , and you should be very clear on what it says before leaving rehab, or they can and will snatch you for violation.
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  3. TLDR


    If your court ordered you'll probably have a warrant for arrest.
  4. Damn you got sent to rehab for weed? What country are you in? Lol here in the UK you only get rehab for actual drugs not a plant lol
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  5. Tell me where you're at so I can stay the hell away from it. Ahh I see Missouri now, sad.
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