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Can I die from dehydration while high?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Onehitandimlit, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. So the other day I'm at a corner store with friends after we seshed and just before entering I had these thin ,snowflake like, white lines disorienting my vision and eventually those lines thickened to the point where I could not see. Apparently my lips were purple, and i was incredibly pale. All I remember was me leaning over and leaning on a bar for a good minute with fear of going unconscious. I was seconds away from passing out but my friends quickly gave me something to drink. If this was to happen while I was alone or where I couldn't reach a drink on my own, would it be possible for me to die or be seriously injured from a similar scenario in the future?
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  2. You can die from dehydration while being perfectly sober.
    All living creatures need fluids to survive.
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  3. Baby steps. Know what you can handle. Even if your friends pressure you just say nah I'm good man. Trying to save money and keep my tolerance low. It's a good cover. I will be honest I'm 32 and ive smoked since I was 15 but i still get a little too high at times if I smoke heavy sativa head trippers like sour diesel.
  4. Always stay hydrated no matter what. Keep a bottle of water when you smoke. Be responsible bro.
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  5. Many a man has died while injecting marijuanas without adequate water around... be weary of the path you choose to make oh young one.

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  6. Hahahaha my first thought too I was like You can't just smoke weed and be like "Haha! Dehydration doesnt affect me I'm high"

    In all seriousness though I never had that happen..maybe check if they sold u spice I hear the synths have some fucked up side effects like the ones you describe
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  7. It takes long to get dehydrated. Your body isn't filled with water and when u smoke it goes away...u lose moisture when exhaling especially through the mouth. But that's not gonna dehydrate u unless u already dehydrated or very close to it. Drink more water. But I doubt what you described was dehydration. See a doctor. Just tell him you were smoking with buddies and describe the problem. Sounds like your epiglottis got stuck. That used to happen to me when I would try to exhale large amounts of smoke through a dirty, clogged spoof. It's a scary feeling and sounds like what you described. If it is in fact that you can die of suffocation...Very quickly and very easily. If it happens remain calm and try BV breathing calmly through your nose. Thats what I did and it worked...Saved my life...Were you eating and toking simultaneously? Get that checked asap. I do not believe it to be from the actual weed but something might be wrong with how you smoke...

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  8. I'll look into ways to prepare for another situation or get by when my epiglottis gets suck. Btw I hadn't eaten anything for a couple hours. Thanks for the insight man. @trickroller
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    @d3st1nyt0k3 It was a pretty lax high until that point. It didn't even feel lik I was tripping out during the incident but just soemthing making me freeze lik what @trickroller had mentioned with my 'epiglottis'. I can recount that it has a strong correlation like something was stuck. The others who had also smoked wth me felt their normal high so I doubt synths were mixed. Thanks for the response.
  10. @LedRoB82 I realize my fault in the preparation of a session with the devils lettuce. I must correct you oh 'Well-Known Member' that I fear that the problem did not lay within dehydration but perhaps my epiglottis. I am humbled by your presence in my thread and am grateful for your insight.
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  11. @tangentweed
    Well I was probably worried that I would approach death at a faster pace while high due to induced dehydration from the lettuce of devil but I appreciate your share of the matter.
  12. You will faint first and by falling your body will lay horizontal to autocorrect your panic attack.
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  13. Yeah just stay hydrated especially in the heat. I usually stay extra hydrated when I smoke because of cotton mouth making me want to drink more water anyway.
  14. @Toke_til_you_choke As a matter of fact it was a hot day and I was wearing a sweater.. that's actually a very good point. And sometimes in the early or mid stages of cotton mouth I invite it bc of the effect lol but don't worry I only proceed in doing so with a drink close by.
  15. Get yourself checked out by a Dr., you could be having some strange allergic reaction.

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  16. lmao this is the stupidest question ever. I'm sorry but everyone knows you die from dehydration. cmon

    but on a more serious note maybe your diabetic or something. did your friends give you a soda? or water? consider a doctor i guess
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  17. @Ambivalent Stone i was more leaning towards if this incident happened again, would it lead to harm. When I first posted this question I had thought i the cause of the incident was dehydration but apparently not, it was my epiglottis. It got stuck. But thanks for the concern and it was water.
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  18. it's like going to the desert and complaining about being thirsty after not having packed water.
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  19. Weed makes me pee like crazy. It's like my organs want to be completely dry so I piss and piss until I'm parched. So I make a special effort to drink tons of beer to keep hydrated. No, water, I drink water and lots of it.

  20. You can I suppose bro I had an episode when I woke up and mowed the lawn (hadn't eaten or drank anything) then smoked a bowl of crystals i had an anxiety attack due to being dehydrated had an ambulance out because of it, I've been diagnosed with anxiety since then so I'd stay hydrated brush anxiety is shit lol

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