Can I Determine Sex With The Naked Eye

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BluntBurna, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. Do I need a magnifying glass to determine the sex of my plants. I have four growing, about a week into 12/12. From what I see, only one looks to be a possible male. It sounds too good to be true and I really don't want a male to ruin the rest of my harvest.

    Another question, I'm growing with daylight CFL's, I've read that the white light cfl's (I think) or some other type of CFL (name escapes me) is better for budding. My question is, how much better will budding be with new CFL's. I realize HPS is the best, but I'm not going that route.

    One final question regarding nutes. My plants are dark green and seem really healthy. I was looking at Fox Farm nutes, but don't know of a nearby place that I can purchase them. Does anyone have experience with daylight CFL's and no nutes throughout the whole growing process?
  2. first of all,,, hello fla. homey 386 here,,,, and yes you will notice sex in another week or 2,,,, the male will look like a grape connected to the plant by a small stem,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and the female will show 2 white hairs,,, one going left, one going right,,,

    and as far as no nutes,,,, well that i wouldnt recommend,,, any nute is better that no nute,,,,

    and as for your cfl,,, well it may constrict the growth,, meaning your plant may not be as robust,,,,, but it will grow non-the-less,,,

    it's nice to see you experimenting,,, you learn as you grow,,,,, look in my gallery,,,, soon you'll be able to do that.....and that is my second grow in there...
  3. Noooooo,.. you need to put a pair of tighty whiteys on your head and pear through the pee hole to determine sex. DUH!!!
    God use the search button everyone knows that ya noob! :D
  4. i undrstand your joking by the smiley faace,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but we all got to learn sometime right,,,,,, once you see a male or a female,,,,,youll be able to spot them for life after that...
  5. and pot4my20friendz saw that you handled the answer very well and very concisely, which is why he probably just wanted to strike up a banter with a new grower to the GC forums :smoke:
  6. It's just that every picture I see on here is magnified many times. I have been on 12/12 for nearly a week but think there was too much light leaking in.
  7. took me about a week to find my white hairs, and that was WITH a magnifying glass, so you might be ok. but yeah be certain there are no light leaks in general!

    and let's see some pics! we are visual growers:wave:
  8. I sure understand that. I am using a magnifying glass and I look over every inch of 2 plants 2 or 3 times a day looking for those hairs (or pollen balls) and haven't seen them yet. I have looked at the pics and I think I know what I am looking for but until I see it, I won't know for sure. Usually by the 2nd or 3rd time I inspect the plants, I usually see something (depending on how much I have smoked). I have a bunch of questions about finding them as a noob.

    Do they start at the top by the new growth or down farther on the stems where the side shoots come from the stem or where leaves and new shoots are coming out of a stem?

    Do they all seem to appear right away or do they start appearing gradually?

    How many will appear in a day?

    I know some don't want to answer these questions and thats ok, just dont be an asshole about it. If someone does then the answers will be appreciated. If these questions aren't answered when I find the answers myself, I will post them for the next guy.
  9. you'll chill no need to put on ,,, or use a magnifying glass,,,

    youll see the sex over time,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it dont happen over night<<<<<<<<<<<

    and even if its a male and you see the pollen pod???????????

    it's still going to take a while before it opens and distributes it's pollen<<<<<<<<<<<

    youll know the sex way before any harm [ pollination] can be done.....:wave:
  10. It's a girl.

    This morning I checked her thoroughly and saw nothing. Just a few minutes ago I checked again and saw them in quite a few places. It all seems to be happening in the upper 2 or 3 nodes on maybe 1/3 to 1/2 of the tops so far. It appeared right where it was supposed to but nothing like I expected. It really does look like a hair, a wild white hair much thinner than the stipules. There is nothing uniform about it and it comes out right where the side shoots come out.

    Now it is just a waiting game for them to grow.



    Sorry man, I'm in a real 'laugh a minute' mood :laughing: Seriously tho, I KNOW NOTHIN about growing (even less than you) I've got me this one weed, she's hiding under the rose bushes in my little ferret garden. It's only two months old (yeah I said three before but then I did a quick calculation, she/he was planted on the 16 may, my birthday, my son gave me the seeds. How cool is that)

    Anywaz, hubbies threatening to do some gardening whilst he's on a 2 week subaticle (oh shit) good job she's in a pot.....get it!? Hopefully, my son will baby sit.

    :laughing: SHE"S A POT PLANT HA HA HA (and so on).,

    Hey chicken, are ya telling me I need to grow more than one!!? awww dam, no can do. I can still make tea, or cake, or whatever with the leaves can't I? What? doesn't the male produce the 'fruit'?
  13. Thanks.

    Idunno what I'm gonna call her. I want to call her life a sweet memory and her physical being, her actuall matter, I want to call that an enjoyment. Overall I hope to call her good.
  14. Hey chicken, are ya telling me I need to grow more than one!!? awww dam, no can do. I can still make tea, or cake, or whatever with the leaves can't I? What? doesn't the male produce the 'fruit'?[/quote]

    yes exactly.... if y0ou want just one plant you got to start 4 ,,, to weed out the males,,,,, they may all 4 be females,,,,, but to be safe 1 in 4 will be female

    im so buzzed i m having a hard time typing,,,,,,,,,

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