Can I cut down the pvc piping in my tent?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by dy-no-mite3000, May 6, 2011.

  1. I'm looking to buy this 48"x24" tent
    Since all tents use pvc pipes for the structure, I am hoping I can trim an ich off the half inch pvc pipes to make the tent fit in my closet.
    The closet is 47 inches wide.... yeah.
    I know the tent itself will be loose fitting a touch if I cut the pipes but I'd rather have a droopy 4'x2' tent then the next option being a 36"x20" inch tent, almost 40% smaller.

    So what do you guys think? Doable trimming the pipes and making it work? or no dice?

    All advice is appreciated thanks.
  2. don't buy pvc pipe framed tents.
    i have that tent, and the frame is metal.

    you might be better off building your own grow room.
  3. METAL?!?!? hot damn! hmmmm... You think I can cut down the metal and still make it fit?

    I got no problem with saws etc.

    As far as making my own grow room, already did that with a pc case:) Since I rent, I can't put vent holes or drill anything to make my own room, so a tent is the most logical solution.

    Thanks for the headsup on the frame being metal though.
  4. I would be very careful the canvas might not fit, the metal rods may get bend and you would probably lose resale value. consider these things
  5. I have not seen any made with PVC piping when I bought mine. All metal rods in mine and every single one Ive seen. I would no cut it. It would make the fabric all lose and sag. Probably would not be so light proof then.
  6. Buy a tent according to your size, if you cannot find an applicable size then build one. the tent is made for the frame, so with that said you might have to alter your tent as well and not just the frame to regain proper circulation.
  7. I had to do this with a metal framed tent. Had to remove 3" from the top to make it shorter. Worked perfect, so sagging, no real problems at all. I used a saws all to go threw them. If this us the tent you want theres not much harm if your doing it. I got a 4x2 online for $65 with shipping. All metal frame.

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