Can i cure with a sponge and mason jar?

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  1. Hi guys I have a few of mason jars of wet bud in my parents house. My question is can I put sponges inside of the jars to suck up the moisture? If not any ideas or how long I should leave the sponges?
  2. get those lil moisture packets thingies... i dont have any idea but that seemed like it might work.. they put it in food and all..
  3. Let it cure naturally in the jar, it will be better in the end.
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  5. if you want to dry your bud fast why is it in jars? the point of putting them in jars is to slowly reduce moisture content over time. So you want to dry your bud, fast, in a jar.

    look, i know i smoke too much but even I can figure out that doesnt make sense.
  6. Throw rice in the bottom of the jar. Rice will absorb moisture. I'm not exactly sure how well it'll work.

    You're at risk of all kinds of shit growing in your weed that aren't good to smoke. You should maybe consider moving out or telling your parents that you're trying to dry narcotics in their house without them knowing.

    How old are you?

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